I remember sitting down in front of the old black and white TV as a kid, and getting excited (because I didn't know any better) watching Looney Tunes. Then one day my grandmother purchased a color TV. I remember the first time she switched it on: WOW! The difference it made was amazing. It was at that exact moment, I think, I decided to make sure my world and everything in it would always be full of vibrant colors. And I'm quite sure that decision was the reason behind my career as a hairstyle colorist today.

Hair color, like all color, is a vital part of life. Perhaps you're used to color (because the days of black and white TVs are well and truly gone), but if you consider what a good or bad color can do to your emotional state of mind, you'll quickly remember its importance. There's no denying that when you put on some new clothing, purchase new furniture, or just change to new bed sheets, these things make you feel refreshed, updated, bright and uplifted. It's exactly the same when you change your hair color- especially since it's a change everyone can see. It can make you feel totally fabulous and give you a positive outlook on everyday life. But sometimes too, changing your hair color can do the opposite.

Since hair color plays such a significant role in life, it's important to choose the right color for you. You could try your luck and go with a hair color based on fashion- for instance the latest "fabulous" celebrity color, or you could copy your friend and get that great new color she's sporting. You might even consider going to the store and picking up the first DIY hair color pack that grabs your eye. While you're at it, why not just throw a dart at some pictures on the wall and see what you hit? Let's get serious here: none of these methods are the best way of choosing the right color for you.

Your hair color has a big impact on you and you need to think your color choice through carefully. For instance, think about colors in terms of their warmth and coolness, and also, how these tones work with your specific complexion. And, be aware that hair color isn't a one-dimensional thing either. So consider the effect of highlights, lowlights, spot-colors, and multi-tones. Have a look at the following images and think about how color could be used to accentuate several of your own characteristics and even minimize others.

Copper red hair color

This gorgeous deep copper red has blue overtones that make it really suit our model's fair-cool complexion and eye color. The heavy beige blonde slices (they're maybe not for everyone) create a chunky texture that works to accentuate the shape and feel of this cut. It's smashing!


Green highlighted hair

Okay, the color might not be something you'd try tomorrow, but you have to admit it works well on our model. There are 3 colors at work here: there's a deep mocha brown that complements her cool complexion and creates depth and a solid structure; there's a soft honey brown in the bangs and below the crown that brings out the best of our model's hazel eyes, and there are aqua-colored slices on top that create texture. Even though this effect could have been achieved with other cool tones, I think the overall look works a treat.


Honey hair color

This is a stunning two-tone color. First, there's a honey blonde through the top, sides and top back. This color accentuates our model's warm complexion and brings her hazel eyes to life. Second, there's a deep caramel brown in the bottom-back section, including some in the sides (in foils). This color creates contrast and adds depth to the style. The overall effect is a warm tone that's definitely a winner for our model's warm complexion.


Two-tone hair color

This is another great two-tone style. The arctic blonde with a violet brown spot is daring but certainly works really well. The cool overtone of the color suits our model's fair-cool complexion. The dark area adds interest and contrast to what would otherwise be a bland finish on many textured blonde hairstyles.


Red hair color

This ruby red base with fire engine red highlights is a perfect color choice for our fair-cool model's complexion. Fine, wispy hairstyles often need a shot of saturation to solidify their overall shape. The brighter slices create texture and a great three-dimensional result. I think it's really stunning!


Black hair color with red overtones

This striking black color with red overtones creates a glossy effect that does the trick for our model's lovely blemish-free peaches and cream complexion. The darkness of the style draws you in and makes the shape more defined. The heavy ruby red slices on the model's right hand side add a certain individualized charm and character to the hairstyle, breathing life into it.