If you've already mastered a range of hairdos to style your hair into for the occasions that pop up on your social calendar, then the next step is to take those styles and give them more variety by styling them in different ways.

An excellent example of one such style is this pinned back bob, which has been given two different looks simply by using different hair styling tools to change the texture of the hair.

One Hairstyle, Styled Straight

Model with mid length straight blonde hairModel with mid length straight blonde hair

Our first look would be the perfect hairstyle for the office or a weekend 'do. To re-create it you just simply need to...

  1. Blow-dry your hair straight, or use a hair straightener if you prefer.
  2. Side part your hair and then backcomb a section through the front and pin it back.
  3. Finish with some smoothing shine and hairspray to set your style in place.

One Hairstyle, Styled Curly

Model with mid length curly blonde hairModel with mid length curly blonde hair

To take your hair from day to night, or to create a great look for a party or formal event, use these steps...

  1. Apply some hair mousse and then rough dry your hair with a blow-dryer so there's no moisture in your locks and also so that your strands are nice and straight, which is surprisingly the best way to get a great curl.
  2. Add a side hair part and then backcomb a section through the front and pin it back using hair pins.
  3. Heat up your curling iron and then curl the back and side sections of your hair. For big curls use large sections, for smaller curls use smaller sections of hair.
  4. Finish with some hairspray to keep your curls and style in place.

It really is that easy to use one hairstyle to get two different looks! To see how you'd look with the great salon hairstyles pictured in this article, click on the above images to try the virtual hairstyles with your own photo!