Everyone should have a go-to updo hairstyle to fall back on when events or everyday occasions call for a great look. The hairstyles don't have to be complicated either, just some great classic, easy hairstyles that are a cinch to master and can be altered in a flash to suit your mood and purpose.


A Half Up Half Down Hairstyle
Model with half up half down hairModel with half up half down hair

Perfect for a day in the office or as a hairdo to wear to a party, the half up half down hairstyle gives you the best of an updo and a down, loose hairstyle. It's straight forward to style as all you need to do is pull half of your hair up and leave the other half down. This can be achieved with hair pins or hair elastics and can be made more formal with the use of hair accessories or by backcombing and adding volume to the top half of your 'do.

The Classic Ponytail
Model with a ponytailModel with a ponytail

Not just a lazy day hairstyle or a way to get your hair out the way when you're hitting the gym, the classic ponytail can be turned into a look suitable for more formal occasions simply by adorning it with glitzy hair pins or adding a sparkle filled headband. Adding curls to the length of your ponytail also creates a fancy look, or you can pull off the perfect office or job interview hairstyle by styling your length salon straight. A variety of looks can be achieved just from the basic styling concept of pulling your hair to the back of your head, so get creative with it!

A Side Styled Bun
Model with a side swept bunModel with a side swept bun

Just as easy to style as the ponytail, a side styled bun requires you to sweep all your hair to either side of your head and fasten it using pins or hair elastics. You can keep the style loose and casual for a weekend at home (as pictured above), or create a tighter, more structured style if you want a look with a professional finish. You can also add some beautiful styling touches with braids and plaits or headbands.

A Top Knot Updo or Bun
Model with a top knot bunModel with a top knot bun

Our final easy hairstyle everyone should master is the bun, or the latest on trend version of a bun, the top knot updo. The styling for this look is relatively easy, all you need to do is pull all of your hair to the top of your head and secure it in bun. A classic finish is to pin your hair into a professional looking bun for more formal hairstyle occasions (as pictured). Or you can go more casual in a top knot updo fashion and loosely secure your hair with an elastic in a carefree type of bun which creates an easygoing look and feel.