Some of the downsides of a curly hair type can be the lack of definition in the curls, hair frizz and not being able to control and style your curls in the way that you want. These hair problems can be solved, however, with the right haircut and some simple hair tips.

Layered Haircut Suggestions:

Layers are great for eliminating weight in the hair so they are perfect for helping you to tame your curls and add shape to your hairstyle.

Uniform layered haircut for curly hairSide and back layered haircut for curly hair

If hair volume and body is what you want from your curly hair then adding uniform layers (pictured left) throughout your hair will balance out the body and volume, while layers cut through the sides and back of curly hair (pictured right) will promote and provide lots of volume and lift.

Subtle layered haircut for curly hairShort and long layered haircut for curly hair

For toning down and balancing out the fullness of your curls, subtle layers (pictured left) can be added to the edges of your hair, and will also lighten the weight through the ends of your curly hair. For a haircut that lets your curls run free, wild and loose, a mixture of short and long hair layers cut throughout your hair (pictured right) will achieve just that.

There are lots of different types of layers that can be added to curly hair so seeing a hairstylist in person who will be able to look at the condition of your hair and the characteristics of your curls will give you the best results and ensure you get the right advice. For more advice for your curly hair, check out these simple styling tips:

Curly Hair Tips:

When blow-drying, you’ll get a better result from your curls with a slower speed and cooler temperature so take your time.

Use a shampoo and conditioner exclusively designed for curls.

Go easy on the shampoos. Curly hair can get away with washing less as curls respond well if they aren’t washed every day.

Keep your curls well conditioned. The better conditioned your curly hair is, the less hair frizz it will have, which in turn will give you glossy curls with more definition.

Ensure your natural curls look groomed by using a curl enhancer followed by a styling serum. The combination will define and hold the shape of your curls while keeping them frizz free as your hair dries.

You can also try gently twisting some light-weight serum into the ends of your curls if you want frizz control without having to add lots of hair styling products.

Curly hair can create some really wonderful looks and we hope these haircut suggestions and hair tips will help you to make the most of your curls.

To try any of these wonderful styles on, click on the images for a link to the virtual hairstyle and to view front and side images and how to style steps.