Whether or not that new hairstyle you really want suits your face shape is probably one the most important things you should consider. And if you don't have a particular hairstyle in mind, then understanding your face shape and the kinds of hairstyles that suit is a great starting point for coming up with useful haircut ideas. Different hairstyles suit different face shapes in terms of things like how they add the appearance of symmetry to a face or draw attention to certain of your features (and away from others).

Curly hairstyles are no different from other hairstyles in so far as some curly hair styles are better suited to certain face shapes; for example, adding symmetry, disguising the angle of square jawlines, minimizing length etc. If you have curly hair or you're thinking of trying a curly hair style, then check out our examples of different curly hairstyle for different face shapes. If you're not sure of your face shape, then take a look at our consultation "The Right Hairstyle for Your Face Shape."

Oblong Face Shape

This Curly Hair Style Will...

Medium Curly Layered Hairstyle

...Minimize Vertical Length

This is a layered hairstyle (through the back, sides and top) with plenty of body and bounce. It's a great curly hair style for oblong face shapes because the extra width in the sides and the side-swept bangs appear to reduce the vertical length of the face, making it look wider.

Square Face Shape

This Curly Hair Style Will...

Short Curly Platinum Hairstyle

...Soften the Squareness of the Jawbone

Sexy styles like this are real eye-catchers if you have naturally curly hair. Uniform layers in the back and sides maintain an all over balance and full layers through the top create height and body. It suits square face shapes because the rounded shape created by the sides, and the softness of the curls themselves, help disguise a squarer jawbone. The rounded top (created by layering) adds the appearance of height and the slightly angled bangs create some vertical shape all over.

Diamond Face Shape

This Curly Hair Style Will...

Christina Aguilera Long Curly Hairstyle

...Minimize Length and Fill a Narrow Chin

Christina Aguilera's sexy curls have been cut to just below shoulder length and slightly layered at the ends to add texture. It's a great curly hair style for diamond face shapes as the side part creates the illusion of width, making the face seem wider on the sides. Angled bangs reduce the overall appearance of the face's length and soft layered curls under the chin area take the focus away from the narrow chin.

Oval Face Shape

This Curly Hair Style Will...

Mya Long Curly Hairstyle

...Show Off the Face

Mya's natural curls were layered to reduce weight and create an even shape. When you have an oval face shape the last thing that you should do is cover it up. This hairstyle is great because having it pulled off the face with no bangs shows off the face's lovely oval shape perfectly. If you've got it then you may as well flaunt it, right?

Round Face Shape

This Curly Hair Style Will...

Anna Nicole Smith Curly Updo

...Add Vertical Length and Minimize Width

Anna Nicole Smith's updo has plenty of curls and height at the top and strands of hair left around the sides give her hairstyle a softer finish. The height created by Anna's updo, as well as the absence of bangs, is effective because it makes the face shape appear longer or more oval.

Heart Face Shape

This Curly Hair Style Will...

Barbara Mori Medium Curly Hairstyle

...Add Vertical Length and Minimize Narrowness of Chin

Barbara Mori's funky hairstyle falls below the shoulders, and angle layering through the top and sides create a full, round curly shape. It's a great choice for heart face shapes because the height on top lengthens the face and the absence of bangs make the forehead appear longer. Layered hair fills up the space left by a narrow chin, and the squared off back and sides make the hairstyle's shape more vertical- therefore framing the face and correcting the proportion.

Triangular Face Shape

This Curly Hair Style Will...

Jennifer Hudson Medium Curly hairstyle

...Remove Width in the Jaw and Chin

Jennifer Hudson's elegant hairstyle is cut to one length with short to long layers through the back and sides creating body and bounce. Shorter layers through the top also add height and balance. This curly hair style flatters triangular faces because the layered back and sides allow the curls to fall onto the jaw and chin, creating a soft look in this area. Also, the height on top helps lengthen the face and the absence of bangs keeps the face looking longer rather than wider.

Thinking about the relationship between your hairstyle and face shape is pretty simple. Remember: a hairstyle that suits your face shape is one that creates the appearance of symmetry. Maybe it adds width on the sides or draws attention away from a pointier chin; or maybe the hairstyle makes the forehead appear longer. Whatever the case, there is a hairstyle for your face shape- and it's no different with curly hairstyles either. One of the biggest advantages of curly hair styles is the softening effect of the curls themselves, great for softening the stronger lines of square and oblong faces or larger features. In any case, try on a few of the hairstyles above and see how they look on you.