Catherine Zeta-Jones: Wavy Long HairstyleTake a look at my shopping list of hair care products, and next time you nip out for your shampoo and conditioner maybe grab some of this other stuff instead. (But before you go rubbing margarine or something into your scalp, read on because not all foods double so well as hair care products).

Raw Eggs

A raw egg is full of protein, which is good for your hair. Go on, crack an egg on your head and rub it in to strengthen all hair types. But whatever you do, rinse it out thoroughly before going outside, because if the egg starts to cook in the sun it'll be near impossible to get out (and, not to mention, gross ).

Tips: Particularly good for fine hair and damaged hair. Also, whack a bit on your face too- raw eggs are great for the skin. If you're into weight lifting, drink one while you're at it...


The jury's still out on this one, but many hair care aficionados swear that a couple of aspirins in your shampoo are great for getting rid of dandruff. The reason: aspirin will help lift dead scales off the hair and scalp.

Tip: Got a couple of pimples too? A crushed aspirin mixed with water and dabbed onto your skin will help reduce their redness.


Catherine Zeta-Jones hairstyles

Beer is apparently Catherine Zeta-Jones's favorite hair care product. Forget conditioner; Catherine thinks that beer is great for restoring health and shine to her locks. Spray a little on after you wash- don't worry the smell disappears as it dries- and voila: more body!

Tips: Beer may make your hair a little sticky so do a test-run before going on a big date or something. Have a couple of sips too (responsibly of course) and make a night of it.


Mayonnaise is a good conditioner for your hair (because it's full of fat and oil), but think twice before dolloping a little on your hair as well as your salad. Why? Because you'll have to shampoo so many times to remove all the mayo residue, your hair will end up dryer than it was originally.

Tip: Use conditioner instead because it's designed to be rinsed out easily.

Dishwashing Liquid

Dishwashing liquid can be a good remedy if you think your new hair color's a little too dark. Saturating your hair evenly with dishwashing liquid will wash out some of the color and lighten it.

Tip: Be careful because dishwashing liquid is quite harsh and could dry your hair out. Adding a little to your shampoo is a milder alternative.


Catherine Zeta-Jones: Curly Long Hairstyle

Vinegar's not just good for your fish and chips if you're English, but spraying a little in your hair after you shampoo and condition it is good for your hair's shine and softness. But we'd advise against it because it could dry your hair out and the vinegar smell is... quite disgusting really.

Tip: Spray a little on the walls of your shower to help get rid of the soap build up too. (Let's be honest: if you can use vinegar to clean your walls it's probably not the best thing for your hair...)

Food is not only great for your stomach, but some is great for your hair too. If you want to experiment with food as a hair care alternative, the best rule of thumb is to take baby steps.