Party Hair Tip #1 - Match Your Hair Color To Your Outfit

Hair accessories

The only way to get a look that sizzles is to make sure that your outfit and your hair color complement each other. If you're wearing a bright dress, balance it with a dark, shiny shade. If your dress is the one of the dark side, try a light, bright hair color to keep your look luscious.

Party Hair Tip #2 - Match Your Outfit To Your Hairstyle

Equally important to matching your hair color is making sure that your hairstyle flatters your outfit. An ensemble that shows off your shoulders will look great with a beautiful upstyle, and long flowing curls are the perfect styling option for funky tee and jeans combo.

Party Hair Tip #3 - Experiment With Accessories

It's not just your wrists and ears that benefit from some bling. Your hair can also be given a touch of sparkle with shiny pins and clips.

Party Hair Tip #4 - Don't Try Anything Too Outrageous

Outrageous hairstyle

Being the centre of attention because you've teased your hair into a five foot mohawk isn't the way to go (unless the occasion calls for it). Keep the outrageous styles for theme parties (fancy dress and Halloween) and stick with simple styles which make you feel confidant and comfortable.

Party Hair Tip #5 - Style For The Occasion

If it's a fancy event, style your hair fancy. If the event has a more casual feel, try a casually classy 'do.

Party Hair Tip #6 - Style For The Location

If your party is outside go for a style that will hold up in windy conditions. Inside parties will also require a style that's inside friendly. Check the location and style accordingly.

Party Hair Tip #7 - Use Strong Hold Products

There's nothing worse then getting to your party destination only to realize that your hair has fallen flat on the ride over. To keep your 'do in style all night, go for styling products with strong hold.

Party Hair Tip #8 - Heaven Scent

Perfume bottle

Want to smell sweet all over? Spritz a very light amount of your favorite fragrance over your hair before you step out the door for an added touch of elegance.

Party Hair Tip #9 - Be Prepared

Make sure you've got travel or sample size products on hand to slip into your little black bag for a styling emergency.

Now that you know the tips, find your perfect party style in our hairstyles library. We have 1,000's of different styles for you to choose from.