Nothing feels better than stepping out your front door with thick, healthy, high volume hair. It's true what they say: if your hair's flat, limp and lifeless then you tend to feel the same way too. So inject some volume into your tresses and get used to feeling great! The simple tips below will help you get beautiful and sexy hair that's chock full of volume— in minutes!

High volume hair

  • Get some hair coloring done: full head permanent hair color makes the hair look thicker and healthier; highlights and lowlights add the appearance of depth (and thickness) to your hair.
  • Get a hair cut: chin to shoulder length hair has more body, so to maximize your hair's volume speak to your hairdresser about cutting it to this length.
  • Use the right shampoo for your hair type: if you don't your hair can be weighed down and will look limp and lifeless.
  • Don't over-condition: over-conditioning fine hair will make it look flat, so only condition your ends on a daily basis.
  • Try a cold rinse: finish washing your hair with a cold rinse as this will enhance your hair's body and shine and make your it appear thicker and full of volume.
  • Style with volume-boosting hair products: if you have fine hair then mousse is best; get yourself a good root-booster hair product too.
  • Blow-dry your way to body and volume: blow-dry a small section at a time working from the bottom up, aiming at the roots and finishing each section with a blast of cool air; finish by spritzing hairspray on the roots.

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