While you’re only as old or as young as you feel, sometimes the way we cut, color, care for and style our hair can create a look that ages us beyond our years. To avoid looking older than you'd like, ensure you're putting your most youthful look forward with these anti-aging hair tips!

Choose a Youthful Hair Color

Model with short golden blonde hairLight reflecting hair colors that contain warm golden tones will promote an age-banishing glow, but avoid really light ash blonde colors or super cool hair shades as they will take the warmth out of your skin and add years.

It's also a good idea to avoid really dark hair colors unless you're naturally dark as the hue can wreak havoc with an aging complexion. If you can't stand the idea of not having dark hair, however, you can make the shade more flattering and youthful by adding light highlights around your face.

Add Long Hair Layers

Long hair layers through the crown and along the hairline will soften your face and promote a more youthful complexion. Long layers also help to downplay the look of thinning hair, which tends to naturally happen as we get older.

Go For Hair Volume

Adding bounce and youthful locks to your hair is easy. Just choose hairstyles that use plenty of hair volume and backcombing!

Keep Your Haircut in Shape

If you’ve already got a haircut that you love then ensure that you keep it updated with regular trims which will promote clean lines. The neater and more in shape your hair looks, the less it will age your features.

Get Healthy Hair

Model with long copper hairBanish dry hair, split ends and other hair damage with a hair care routine, moisturizing products, treatments and regular hair trims. Nothing ages hair more than dull, frizz-filled locks so get healthy hair instead!

Having great looking hair will also boost your confidence, and is sure to get you some nice compliments. Now who doesn't love that?


Flatter with Your Hair Length

If you don't mind cutting your hair if it's long, or growing it if it's currently short, then try the most flattering hair length - medium! Having a hair length that stops somewhere between your chin and collarbone generally goes well with any hair type and will give you a fresh new look.

Fringe Benefits

Try side-swept bangs to promote a youthful look. They will also promote a thicker look if your hair is starting to thin out.

Switch Your Shampoo

Switch to an anti-aging shampoo and conditioner. They cater for hair that has lost its luster and will nourish and moisturize your aging strands.

We hope these tips will help you to create a more youthful look for your hair. To find a new hairstyle, haircut or hair color that follows the advice in these anti-aging hair tips, check out of range of hairstyles today and try on the virtual hairstyles using your own photo!