Whether your salon visits happen every few years, or as part of a monthly scheduled appointment, there are a few tips that you can use that will help you to get the most out of every salon visit, and walk out with your best hairstyle result yet!

Know What You Want Before You Go to the Salon

Model with red hairThe only way to ensure that you end up with a haircut or hair color that you are truly happy with is if you know exactly what you want.

Do your research before you go to the salon and find pictures of the look you want so that you can show your hairdresser what you mean when you ask for a color with “a bit of red in it”, or “a layered cut like Jennifer Aniston.

Hair Hint: Browse our hairstyles for the latest looks and save them with your photo (that way you’ll know if you like the style/color on you) and then print out your favorite looks and take them to your hairdresser.

Don’t Do Anything to Your Hair

Model with long blonde hairIf you go to the salon with freshly washed hair then it could be hard for your stylist to see your roots and assess your current color. Instead, wash your hair at least two days before hand so your natural hair oils have time to settle and your roots etc can be seen clearly. It will make for a better color assessment and a better end result.

The same principle applies if you are planning on getting a new hairstyle or haircut. Try to make sure your hair is not styled and is left to fall naturally (for example, don’t straighten your hair if your locks are naturally very curly). This ensures that your hairdresser can see the true texture of your hair and the way it sits. If they can’t see how your hair naturally behaves then it’s possible that you may end up with a haircut that does not suit your hair type and hair texture and will be nightmare to style, and no one wants that.

Hair Hint: Talk to your hairstylist about your natural hair type and texture and what type of cut or style they recommend will help you make the most of your hair. It’s also important to talk about your lifestyle and how much hair styling effort you can realistically put into your locks each day.

Be Realistic

Model with light copper hairIf your stylist tells you that a Rihanna red hair color just simply won’t suit you then listen to them and be realistic about what types of colors and styles will look good on you. Use celebrity or hairstyle images as inspiration for your new look, but don’t expect to get the same result as the likely hood that your hair is exactly the same as anyone else’s and will yield the exact same result when cut, styled or colored just isn’t realistic.

Hair Hint: If your hairstylist advises against a certain look, ask them to explain why and to let you know what can be done so that you can get as close to the look as possible. You may find that the length of a certain cut just won’t go with your face shape, but something similar that is slightly longer or shorter will.

Get Your Hair in Great Condition

Model with brown hairHaving hair that is in good condition goes a long way towards how good your final hairstyle result will look.

In terms of hair color, if your locks are well maintained then your color should be even, shiny and slow to fade. If a new hairstyle or haircut is what you’ll be getting then well maintained hair should mean that your strands are free of split ends, hair frizz and that your locks should look healthy and shiny even if you don’t get your color chemically touched up. You can make sure your looks are well maintained by implementing an easy hair care routine.

Hair Hint: If you’re getting your hair colored, add a hair treatment to your strands when you wash your hair a few days before going to the salon to ensure your locks are healthy and will take on and absorb your new hair color.

We hope these salon appointment tips will help you to get a great hairstyle result the next time you see your hairstylist.

To find a hairstyle to take to the salon, don’t forget to check out our range of hairstyles today.