One hair color trend that has been inescapable for the last year is red hair. With everyone from Rihanna to Drew Barrymore trying the trend, red hues suddenly became the go to color to refresh your locks and grab some attention.

With the trend showing no signs of stopping anytime soon, we’ve put together some great color ideas and advice about red hair to help you find your inner redhead and give your locks a fiery new makeover.

Choose the Right Red Hair Color for You
Model with light red hairModel with copper red hair

Red is the kind of hair color that can be adapted to suit anyone, you’ve just got to match it to your skin tone. While that may mean that ruby red is off limits and a more subtle copper tone (pictured above) is the look for you, having a color that will match and suit you makes the whole process easier and the final result much more successful.

Red colors generally suit cool skin tones best as warm complexions have pink and yellow undertones that may clash with the wrong red shade. Warm skin tones can wear red, however, as long as they get the right advice about what red hair colors will work with their complexion, not against it.

Go Red Gradually
Model with copper red highlightsModel with dark red highlights

If you're not sure about what a red hair color might do for your look, or if you aren't ready for such a big change, then try going red gradually by adding some copper or red highlights or lowlights to your hair (as pictured above).

By gradually introducing red tones during one salon appointment, and then going redder at the next, you will have time to adjust to the shade and decide if red hair is what you want. Alternatively, you could also try a temporary hair color that will wash out after a few days.

Before You Color
Model with dark curly red hairDondria hairstyles

Before coloring your hair red you need to consider the current condition of your hair, your hair texture and if you have any chemical processes in your hair (such as hair colors and highlights, old perms or any residual relaxation chemicals) as they can affect the result of your red hair color.

It’s also important to find out if the red color you want will be achievable in your hair and if it will involve having to lighten the current color of your hair and by how much. The best way to answer these questions is to visit a salon for a hair consultation.

Be Bold
Ariana Grande hairstylesRihanna hairstyles

Our final piece of advice for those wanting to go red is to keep in mind that red is not a low maintenance hair color and you will need to invest in color keeping shampoo and conditioners and hair styling products. The result is worth the effort, however, and red hair will add fun and vibrancy to your look that no other hair color can, so go all out and be bold with it!