Hair Salon Tip #1: Be Prepared

Before even stepping into the salon you should be prepared by having an idea of the type of haircut, hair color or hairstyle that you want. By having a membership with you can make being prepared a cinch as we have a library full of prospective hairdo’s all ready for you to save and print out to take to your appointment.

Hair Salon Tip #2: Be Realistic

While a super short pixie haircut may look fantastic on a friend, or you’ve always wanted your sister's super straight locks and to try the latest color crazes, not all looks are for everyone, so make sure you are realistic about any new styles that you want to try out and be prepared to drop your dream of cascading curls if your shoulder length hair can’t hold a curl.

Hair Salon Tip #3: Be Prompt

Arriving on time will keep both you and your hairdresser happy and will make sure that your appointment is not rushed.

Hair Salon Tip #4: Be Informative

You've already prepared yourself by thinking about your hairstyle and getting ideas and pictures on how you want it to look, so, don’t let the hard work go to waste by not completely informing your hairdresser of the kind of hairstyle that you want and what your expectations are.

Hair Salon Tip #5: Don't Be Embarrassed

Hairdressers love to cut and style hair, that’s why they do it. Don’t be embarrassed to explain what you want done to your hair, hairdressers are after all, there to help you.

Hair Salon Tip #6: Be Open-Minded

If it turns out that your chosen hairstyle is going to be a change that just simply won’t work, don’t despair. Talk to your hairdresser and be open-minded about any suggestions that they may have. The cut you want may not work, but there may be something similar that will. Discuss any alternative options and make sure that both you and your hairdresser are happy and clear on any styles before your hairstyling session begins.

Making a few simple changes to what you do before and during your hair appointment can really make a difference, so book a hair appointment today and try our tips the next time you visit your hair salon.