Nothing says healthy hair like a big dose of shine!

Straight strands that shimmer or curls that glisten look fantastic and can easily be achieved with some easy styling tips, help from shine-inducing styling products and inspiration from the celebrities who've nailed the art of glossy locks.

Kristen Bell and Lea Michele: Nourished Hair
Kristen Bell Long Straight Light Golden Blonde Hairstyle

Lea Michele Long Wavy Formal Hairstyle - Medium Chocolate Brunette Hair Color

While you can fake shine with the help of hair styling products, they'll definitely give you more boost for your buck if you're hair is nourished.

Well looked after hair also creates its own natural shine so it's definitely worth the effort to give your hair some TLC. After all, do you think Kristen Bell's straight locks would look this great if her strands were dry? And these gorgeous curls from Lea Michele wouldn't look half as glossy if her curls were full of frizz and fly-aways strands.

Nourishing Hair Tips:

Ashley Greene and Taylor Swift: Dark Hair Colors
Ashley Greene Long Straight Hairstyle

Taylor Swift Long Curly Hairstyle

A dark hair color is the easiest way to instantly give your hair shine because darker shades naturally reflect more light. That doesn't mean, however, that you need to color your hair the first dark shade you can find (although this beautiful brunette shade from Ashley Greene is reason enough to go dark!). As Taylor Swift shows, even a dark shade of blonde can look glossy.

Dark Hair Color Tips

Ashlee Simpson and Katy Perry: Styling for Shine
Ashlee Simpson Long Straight Hairstyle

Katy Perry Medium Wavy Black Hairstyle

The final tip for pulling off glossy locks lies in the way you style your hair, and the hair styling products that you use.

For shiny straight locks, follow Ashlee Simpson's lead and use a hair straighter to get your strands super straight and flat so that they can reflect light. Smoothing shine will finish off the look, and is also great for injecting shine into curls and waves, à la this retro hairstyle from Katy Perry.

Styling for Shine Hair Tips:

If you've got any great glossy lock tips then let us know by leaving a comment below!