If you're looking for some new hair color inspiration when it comes to freshening up your existing color, or if you want to give yourself a whole new look, then these celebrity hair colors are worth stealing and trying for yourself!

Blonde Hair Color
Katherine Heigl hairstylesSienna Miller hairstyles

Returning to blonde after flirting with a much darker brunette shade, Katherine Heigl puts her best buttery blonde look forward with this gorgeous hair tone. Not to be outdone is Sienna Miller with a cool blonde shade, complete with darker roots for a more natural finish.

Brunette Hair Color
Anne Hathawayl hairstylesLea Michele hairstyles

When it comes to darker hair colors brunette shades lead the pack! Anne Hathaway shows us how great a warm brown hair tone can be with her long chocolate locks. While Glee star, Lea Michele, flaunts a darker, bitter hue that's perfect for creating high hair shine looks.

Red Hair Color
Bryce Dallas Howard hairstylesAlyson Hannigan hairstyles

We love nothing more than a deep red hair color, and this dark red look from Twilight actress Bryce Dallas Howard doesn't disappoint! For those looking for a lighter shade of red then you might like to consider a color similar to How I Met Your Mother star Alyson Hannigan. It has a great coppery tone, a natural look, and is sure to turn heads.

Blondette Hair Color
Christine Lakin hairstylesKatie Cassidy hairstyles

For those who can't decide between a blonde hair color and a brown shade then there's always blondette! This hair color is being seen more and more on the red carpet and is a great shade to try. Christine Lakin wears a slightly darker version with more brown through the top, while Katie Cassidy teams her long curly hair with a lighter, almost caramel version. Both hair tones look yummy to us and are definitely on our radar to try out!

Two-Tone Hair Color
Bonnie Somerville hairstylesOdette Yustman hairstyles

When you really, really, really can't decide on a hair color, or just want something with plenty of interest and a fun factor, then two-tone hair color never goes astray. Bonnie Somerville gives us a great version that starts out blonde and then morphs into a dark brunette shade underneath, while Odette Yustman keeps her two-tone color up front and throughout her mid-lengths only for a hair color that makes an impact and packs plenty of warmth.

Which celebrity hair color would you steal? Let us know by leaving a comment below!