Dark And Light Brunette Two-Tone Pixie Haircut With Height

Added: 29 May 2020
There is no doubt that the Pixie haircut is one of the hottest and trendy hairstyles this season. For most women, short haircuts make them more attractive. A Pixie hair cut is suitable for almost any occasion. It gives you a glamorous look at every meeting and party, so you no longer need to worry about selecting the right haircut. Pixie hairstyles are popular among women, especially those in their 20s. They tend to have short hair above the shoulders, but not all pixie hairstyles are as short as you think.

Consider this dark and light brunette two-tone Pixie with height on top of the hair. If you're considering a pixie haircut, this is done in a two-tone color combination that is made up of dark Brunette and light brunette. The hair is parted on the left side and kept in place by a highlighter shade that gives it a cute and overwhelming look. It is more of a day-to-day hairstyle than an evening affair, so it works best for casual occasions like work or hanging out with friends. The look is simple and easy to style, but the hairstyle will require time, effort, and regular trimmings. If you prefer to avoid spending time styling your hair, this might not be for you.

This is a short and fun Pixie haircut that you can turn into a casual or a formal look. The top of her hair has been styled so that this look has a lot of height to it. It is also styled to the side which gives this look life and much-needed movement. The only issue with this look is that you are going to need to use a product to ensure that the hairstyle stays in place throughout the evening. This is going to take a bit of time so if you are not the type of person who wants to spend some time styling their hair then this is not the hairstyle for you.

Makeup-wise, you can do whatever you like. You normally have one focal point, and due to the openness of this look, you would want the focal point to be your eyes. You could go for a more natural look, for example, a smoky eye or nude shadow. Or you could go for a more dramatic look with makeup like red lipstick or bright red blush on your cheeks. A bright lip will also peek out from all angles in this look.

Visual Story

Dark And Light Brunette Two-Tone Pixie Haircut With Height- Visual Story

Hairstyle Suitability Rating: ★★★★★
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Hairstyle Type

Hair Color
Dark Brunette and Light Brunette Two-Tone

Haircut Technique

Scissor Cut


Face Shape
Hair Density
Hair Texture

21 - 30, 31 - 40, and 41 - 50

Forehead Height
Neck Length


30 minutes
blow dry

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step 1

Comb your hair into the desired direction that you require for styling.

step 2

To blow-dry the crown/top sections, take a section of hair no bigger than the diameter of the brush and blow-dry the hair placing the brush under the section of hair. With your blow-dryer in front of the brush, follow the brush in an upwards direction at the roots and an outwards position at the ends for volume and softness. Continue until the section is dry.

step 3

Working in sections, place your brush at the roots of your hair and then using a blow-dryer on low heat, drag your brush through to the ends styling towards the right.

step 4

Using a small amount of gel, work it through the mid-lengths and ends in a downward motion. For added texture, pinch the ends as you go.

step 5

Apply a small amount of gel to your fingers, then starting at your roots, apply the gel as you drag your hair in an upwards, to the right, motion.

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