According to our viewer trend reports, short hair has been all the rage this year and this summer is no exception. Whether you already have short hair and need an update or you are looking to go for the big chop, these hairstyles direct from the red carpet are sure to inspire you. Short hair can be worn on all hair types and textures so it really is just about finding the right one for you. And not to worry—if you don’t find the right style here, there are hundreds more to look at on But for now, let's check out the hottest new short 'dos for August, 2014.


Kelly Osbourne Mohawk hairstyle

Starting off our list is something a little avante garde for all of the bold ladies out there. This Mohawk hairstyle will definitely grab everyone’s attention—with or without the violet colour! This hairstyle is shaved on the sides with a long section that starts from the forehead and ends at the nape of the neck. Kelly has further enhanced her flamboyant hairstyle but adding large curls throughout which gives this hairstyle ample volume and body. This hairstyle is best suited to women with round, oval, heart and triangular shaped faces best. And of course, those with an edgy sense of style!



Karen Gillan Short hairstyle

Here, Karen Gillan is looking stunning in a short hairstyle with a cool windblown effect. This ‘do will suit round, oval, heart, and triangular faces the best, and ladies with straight hair will have the best luck with this look. This hairstyle tapers in around the ears and at the nape of the neck for a tidy finish, but the long jagged cut layers on top can be styled up with maximum volume. For those days when you crave a simpler look, this short hairstyle can be worn down for a smooth and sleek look.



Nicole Mitchell Pixie hairstyle

Nicole Mitchell is rocking a cool pixie 'do this summer with fabulous results. Rather than go for an all-over cropped look, her hairstyle has longer layers on the top which gives her nice volume in the crown area and really shows off those curls! This hairstyle is a great option for wavy or curly hair and an extra bonus is that you can style it up in minutes. This cut is best suited for round, oval, heart, and triangular face shapes and is the perfect choice for women who like wash and go hairstyles.


Side Swept

Dara Torres Side Swept hairstyle

Finally, we have Dara Torres in a simple but chic side-swept 'do that is just perfect for the summer months. The top layers in this hairdo are left long and graduate up at the back while the front layers skim the cheekbones. Not much styling is needed for this 'do; only a quick blow dry with a round brush is rewired to get this sleek look. Women with oblong, oval, square and diamond face shapes will be flattered the most by this hairstyle, and it will suit women who flaunt a simple yet sophisticated look for both day and night.