Whether it’s for ease of styling or because you want to update your look, going short is not a haircut choice that should be taken lightly, so we’ve put together some sound advice to help you decide if cutting your hair short is the right decision for you.

Short Haircut Advice

Model with short brown hair Don’t go short on a whim or before a big event. Yes it’s nice to change your look, but if you’re doing it because you had a bad day or your high school reunion is coming up then you might end up with a hastily decided upon ‘do that you just aren't prepared for. If you need a different look in a hurry then consider changing your hair color instead. Then when you are ready for something bigger, do your research into the right short haircut and then go for it.

Ensure that you are ready for the change. Chopping off your locks, especially if you’re used to much longer hair strands can be quite a shock and no-one likes those “what have I done?” moments. Before committing to getting your hair cut, make sure you are happy, excited and ready for you new shorter ‘do. If you’re having doubts, changing your look to suit someone else, or because your fave celebrity went short then re-think the idea before making a decision you may later regret.

Model with short copper hair Do your research and know what you want. Don’t just rely on telling your hairstylist what you want – show them with a picture! Take images of the types of short haircuts you like to the salon and have a sit down with your hairdresser to discuss what will work for you and what the upkeep etc will be. Also, try to choose short hairstyles with a similar hair texture to your own so there are no surprises or upsets if you’re told the look just won’t be achievable with your hair type.

If you have doubts about going short then commit to going short in stages instead. Even if it takes six months to get to a fabulous pixie haircut, the shoulder length, chin length, ear length and whatever length you try in between will get you adjusted to a shorter style and provide you with plenty of styling versatility. Who knows? You might even love a medium length look better and decide to stop there, ending up with the perfect haircut for you.

Model with blonde bob Stay true to your own hair ideals. If you’ve always thought of feminine locks as long and flowing then a short haircut will most likely be a very big adjustment. While it’s fun to experiment with your look, if you really love playing around with updos and styling your hair into mermaid-esque waves then a mid-length look which still has enough length to pull your hair back may be as short as you need to go to get a short haircut that you won’t regret.

We hope this advice will help you to determine if you're ready for short hair. For further inspiration, or to find a short hairstyle that you’ll love, take a look at our range of hairstyles.

To see how you'd look with any of the salon hairstyles pictured in this article, click on the above images to try the virtual hairstyles with your own photo!