The salon should be spotless from top to bottom. A clean looking salon generally means that there is an agenda for hygiene and proper sanitation. So why does this matter? Very simply, clean salons are better structured and organized. The salon and its employees take pride in what they do with a team effort needed to maintain clean and tidy work areas. This "team effort" is very important to the overall running of the salon, including its work flow and how well all services are coordinated and performed. Also, it is much nicer sitting in clean fresh surroundings.

Great Customer Service

First impressions start from when you first make your phone call to enquire. Is the staff helpful on the phone? Or do they leave you on hold for what seems like forever? Do they seem willing to listen to you and your questions?

Staff should be professional at all times, both in their manner and dress codes.

Another handy tip is to have a look at the stylist's hair. What sort of hairstyle and colors etc are they sporting? Usually, what you see is an indication of what you get!

Acknowledgement from the staff is also very important on your first visit. Do they leave you waiting at the front desk while they gossip amongst themselves? A good sign is when at least one of them greets you straight away and makes you feel welcome and important in an instant.

Another sign of great customer service is if you are offered a free hair consultation and help. If you are, make sure that you ask as many questions as you like. Remember, they are there to help you. Another good sign is if they offer suggestions and make recommendations for your hair type. A good salon will also offer an extra service or pampering extras to keep you feeling important, and last of all, free home hair care advice should always be given.

So whatever your needs may be, a professional salon should always be remembered for good reasons and not for any of the following:

  • making you cry on your first visit
  • making the girl next to you cry
  • having a stylist who is too busy gossiping with the stylist next to her to look after you
  • having a stylist who leaves you ten times in the space of 20 minutes to take phone calls
  • giving all the customers exactly the same hairstyle