Save Money at the Salon

I can fully understand if you find it hard to have the money to go to a salon for a new hairstyle. There are always lots of things for you to spend money on rather than a new hairstyle such as children, mortgage, health care and automobile costs, just to name a few. There are still ways to get what you need, however:

  • You can get very cheap discounted hairstyles from training institutions where usually young people are learning the trade. It's actually a really good idea to try this out! First of all, they are under full supervision, and secondly, you are giving them the opportunity to practice. Just try not to ask for anything too elaborate, and don't expect it! You will in most cases receive a plain but evenly cut hairstyle that has been checked and even adjusted by a fully qualified teacher.
  • Have only a haircut change. Steer away from color or chemical use because this is what is usually expensive in salons and in most cases require up keeping or continued use and expense.
  • A good haircut will hold it's shape longer as it grows out. Call around the salons in your area and see what their prices are for a haircut. Most salons will have an inclusive price for a haircut which includes a shampoo and a blow-dry. It's a good idea to get the whole package as a shampoo will give your stylist a better look at your hair with its natural growth patterns resulting in a better haircut. A blow-dry at the finish will also show you how to style your new cut at home as well as give your hairstylist the opportunity to make sure the weight and shape is just right.

Handy hint: Do your homework, call salons, check prices for haircuts only. You should also try training colleges where students under supervision will give you a very affordable new hairstyle.

You Don't Need an Upmarket Salon

While it's true that a great hairstylist can usually be found in upmarket hair salons, good ones can also be found in regular salons too. Coming from a family of hairstylists, I personally know some sensational inspiring hairstylist along with some plain rotten ones. The funny thing here is some of the rotten ones work in up market salons while a few of the best ones work in your average family salon. Why? Well it's all to do with image unfortunately. Some rotten ones can't even cut a straight line, but boy they can talk. They also go to all the right parties and mix with the right crowd. They may never win a world cup, but they will always have a steady job just getting by.

So the good news here is that you don't necessarily need to go to an up market salon to get a good hairstyle. There are lots of great hairstylists working in everyday salons across the world. They could be the salon owner or the apprentice who could very well be the up and coming star hairstylist of the future. Where did you think they came from?

While up market salons will generally have great hairstylists working in them, they obviously will have to charge you more for services in order to pay these hairstylists more money to keep them. Also, they are generally in higher profile parts of town where the running costs, such as rent in particular, are much higher. Hence the higher prices for hair services.

Don't be fooled into believing that unless you go to an up market salon and pay big money that you can't possibly receive a good hairstyle. It's nonsense!

Handy hint: You don't need an up market hair salon to get your new hairstyle. What you need to find is a salon and hairstylist that will provide you with excellent hairstyling, personal attention, and professional service. It is available to you, just be realistic.

Make it Affordable to Visit the Salon Regularly

To begin with, it's most important that you have a haircut on a regular basis. There are reasons for this and they include the following:

  • You need to maintain good hairstyle shape.
  • You need to cut off and seal any split ends or damaged hair that could travel down the hair shaft resulting in more damage and the eventual need to go short!
  • A regular haircut is necessary to eliminate weight and encourage natural growth patterns or waves/curls.
  • It's importatant to allow your hairstylist the opportunity of understanding and then perfecting your style.

Now, the things to try and avoid that will minimize the cost for you going to a salon on a regular basis include:

  • Using chemicals that have a permanent lasting effect such as all over permanent color 2 shades or more lighter or darker. When your hair grows, it will naturally grow back its original color known as your "virgin color" with an obvious difference. This will require touch ups or color reversal resulting in more associated costs.
  • Avoiding hairstyles that require certain cutting techniques such as razor cutting or thinning the hair out with shears. These types of cuts can grow out terribly if left for long periods, and even in some cases where the hair is exposed, can lead to damaged hair.

When you sum it up realistically you should be looking at having (depending on your hair growth speed and hairstyle type etc) around 6-10 haircuts per year. So, when you add it all together over 365 days, it's literally pennies!

Handy hint:Shop around for prices but then try and stick to one hairstylist. 6-10 hair cuts over the entire year is a good guideline to follow and should keep the cost down.

Regular Professional Hairstyling is Important because...

Regular professional hairstyling will allow your hairstylist to:

  • Develop a relationship with you where they, in time, will have a better understanding of your hair type.
  • Understand your hair's growth patterns and to see how it settles into a new style.
  • Understand your lifestyle and time restraints.
  • Monitor your home styling ability and general maintenance

As well, regular professional hairstyling will allow you to:

  • Always look your best and to feel great.
  • Plan a new hairstyle in stages that could include going short slowly or growing your hair out longer.
  • Have some regular time for you.

I do need to mention here that I do not recommend any hairstyling whatsoever from anyone other than a fully qualified professional hairstylist. Over the years I have personally witnessed some really distressing moments with people as a result of them using friends, family members, and other unqualified people doing all sorts of things to their hair. In a lot of these cases, the damage was irreversible and the hair needed to be all cut off for them to start over.