As we age, our hair changes and the hairstyles that once looked great on us may no longer suit the way we look or how we feel. But it is possible to find a look that ages just as gracefully as you. Just give some of these great hair tips a try!

Flattering Hair Length

Long Straight Hairstyle

There's quite a lot of opinion in regards to whether older women should have long hair as a longer length can drag your facial features down and add years to your look.

Kim Basinger Long Wavy Hairstyle

Kim Basinger Medium Wavy Hairstyle

While a great medium length hairstyle or short hair can certainly freshen up your look as you get older - after all, just compare Kim Basinger's medium length wavy hairstyle to the long wavy hairstyle she used to wear - if done right, long hair can also be just as flattering. Just keep these rules in mind when deciding on hair length:

  • Don't let long locks dangle around your face.
  • Try a long length that stops just on or above your shoulders.
  • If you have long hair, look after it. Ratty ends that are split and dry will age you further and damaged hair is never a good look.
  • Use long lengths to your advantage and try out some simple, classic updos that aren't pulled too tightly around your face.
  • A short length can cut down on hair styling time.
  • A medium length allows lots of versatility.

Flattering Hair Color

Short Straight Hairstyle

In regards to hair color, a warm hair color is the most flattering for mature skin.

Madonna Medium Curly Blonde Hairstyle

Madonna Medium Wavy Blonde Hairstyle

As for any grey hairs, don't be tempted to cover them up with the darkest hair color you can find. Lighter hair colors actually cover grey hair more effectively and look more natural. Also, as you age and your hair gets lighter/whiter, so will your skin tone, which will only look more aged when teamed with a dark hair color.

We suggest these hair color ideas:

  • Have a hair consultation with a professional hair colorist (even if it's only once a year and you normally color at home) just to find out which hair colors will suit your current skin tone and keep your grey hair in check while still giving you a great hair color. To see the difference a well suited hair color can make, take a look at the two Madonna hair colors above.
  • If you have a few stray grey hairs and want to color your hair at home, make sure to apply your color to the greys first. Grey hair can be quite resistant, so the longer the dye is on your grey strands, the better the result.
  • When choosing a hair color remember to keep in mind your natural hair color and how much grey there is to cover up.
  • Not only do hair colors with warm tones in them suit mature skin, they are also great for reflecting light and giving your locks a healthy, glossy sheen.

Flattering Hairstyle

Short Straight Hairstyle

When it comes to a flattering hairstyle it's important to remember that your hairstyle should always match your personal attributes.

Sharon Osbourne Medium Straight Hairstyle with highlights

Sharon Osbourne Short Straight Red Hairstyle

Use hairstyle and hair color trends as inspiration to create a look that will work for you, but don't just follow the trend because everyone else is wearing it. Your face shape, bone structure, lifestyle and hair characteristics should always trump any hairstyle trends. Just take a look at Sharon Osbourne's attempt at funky highlights and flicks. They instantly age her, but the shorter haircut in a much more flattering solid hair color suits her to a tee.

Hairstyle tips:

  • Keep your look simple and aim for something that will give you low maintenance hair.
  • Choose a style that will fit in with your lifestyle and hair styling skills.
  • Use our Find Your Perfect Hairstyle consultation to select your age, face shape, hair thickness, density, length and hair color to find the right style for you!

With the help of these tips, finding a hairstyle that both flatters and suits your mature look should be a cinch!

To see how you'd look with any of these hairstyles, click on the images for a link to try the virtual hairstyle on your own photo or our model.