While having a daily beauty routine and spending your time and money caring for your skin can help to project a more youthful appearance, some simple changes to your hair can also provide a younger look, and all it requires is following a few easy hair tips.



  • Model with a blonde shag haircutWhen it comes to haircuts, a neutral, versatile cut can be worn successfully by most people. For haircut ideas, take a look at our range of hairstyles and try them with your photo in our Virtual Hairstyler to instantly get an idea about whether a certain style will flatter or age you.
  • When you've found a haircut that you like, have a chat with your hairdresser about adjusting the style to suit your individual tastes and needs.
  • Remember to avoid super trendy haircuts (think super short hair like Diablo Cody or any of the funkier, edgier hairstyles of Rihanna) and anything with geometric bangs or drastic lines.
  • Try a haircut that features long layers throughout the crown and along your hairline as this will soften your face.
  • Add bangs to your hairstyle to create a more youthful look. Bangs that have been side-swept are the most universally flattering option.



  • Model with a dark curly hairstyleFor a hairstyle that’ll flatter your years, don’t go for anything too out there but don’t restrict yourself to something plain and safe.
  • Try injecting some volume into your hair to make it fuller and more youthful.
  • Master the art of curls and waves and style them to hug your face as it will add softness. For some easy curly hairstyle ideas and styling steps, check out our articles, Curly Hair Trend: How to Get Bed Head Curls and Simple Steps for Wicked Waves and Creative Curls.


Hair Color

  • Model with darker hair with lighter highlightsWhen it comes to a hair color that won’t add unwanted years, all you need to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t go too dark. Try choosing a hair color than is no more than two shades darker than your natural hair color for the most flattering option. If you really want darker hair though, counter balance with lighter shades around your face.
  • You can also try using highlights and lowlights that enhance your base hair color to flatter your features.
  • Look for hair colors that have warm golden tones as they naturally reflect light and produce a soft glow.


Hair Care

  • Model with long curly hairNothing says youthful like well maintained hair so keep your hair in top condition with regular trims.
  • Use weekly hair masks to make your hair stronger, repair hair damage and nourish dry strands, which can all cause your locks to look frizzy and aged.
  • Use shine adding hair styling products when styling to give your hair a glossy glow.

With these hairstyle and haircut suggestions, hair color options and hair care tips, you should be able to age-proof your hair and have locks that look as young as you feel.