Time Saving Hair Tip #1

Blot your hair with a super absorbent towel to remove moisture quickly and easily before styling.

Time Saving Hair Tip #2

Use the right hair styling brushes. A large round hair brush will straighten, a small round hair brush will add body and curl and a paddle hair brush will ensure smooth and sleek locks.

Time Saving Hair Tip #3

Use heat retaining hair brushes when styling with your blow-dryer and don't forget to hold the brush in your hair for a few seconds after finishing each section to create a longer lasting style.

Time Saving Hair Tip #4

Don't use more than four hair styling products at once. Overloading your hair with styling products will take time and could potentially ruin your style.

Time Saving Hair Tip #5

Use the right hair products. If you want curls, use a curl enhancing shampoo, conditioner and hair styling products. The same goes for those wanting to achieve straight locks.

Time Saving Hair Tip #6

Follow a basic hair care routine which includes plenty of regular treatments and haircuts. This will ensure that your hair is in top condition and will make day-to-day styling easier and quicker.

Time Saving Hair Tip #7

After you remove your curling iron from your hair, let the curl cool for 10 seconds before touching it to ensure that your curls last longer. This way you won't have to waste time re-curling any strands that drop throughout the day.

Time Saving Hair Tip #8

Invest it top quality hair styling tools and ones that speed up drying time for a faster finish.

Time Saving Hair Tip #9

Learn how to use your hair products properly and how much time you will need to create your hairstyle from your stylist.

Time Saving Hair Tip #10

Start with the right hair cut for your hair type and day-to-day hair needs.

Now that you know the tips, find a style in our hairstyles library. We have 1,000's of different hairstyles for you to choose from.