They say 50 is the new 30, so it's no wonder that older ladies are ditching the "shampoo and sets" for fun, flirty styles that ooze femininity and class. If you belong to the over 50 club but are stuck for inspiration, you can wear a trendy hairstyle and embrace your age without sacrificing style.

Gone are the days when you are expected to wear a dowdy hairstyle once you hit a certain age. Now, it's all about embracing your sense of style and making it work no matter how old you are.

These hairstyles are the greatest 'dos seen on the red carpet for the more mature set of our visitors. But make no mistake about it - just because these hairstyles are for women in a higher age bracket, they are anything but boring or dowdy. Check out the fabulous styles below to see what we mean!

Short Hairstyles

If you are a mature woman who likes shorter, conservative styles, then we understand how frustrating it can be to find all the latest hair trends full of longer, youthful 'dos. That's why we are bringing you short hairstyle ideas for older women.

Kris Jenner Short Straight Hairstyle.

You've got to hand it to Kris Jenner. Not only is she one of the busiest "momagers" around, she looks years younger than her real age. Kris always keeps up with the latest beauty and fashion trends, which is one reason for her youthful glow, but her hairstyles are always short, chic and sassy too! Here is her latest 'do that older women will love - it's a layered cut that is simple, elegant and classy. This cut has been heavily layered on top for volume and style, while the sides and back are tapered in. Kris can wear this 'do with a bit of fringe on her forehead, as seen here, or parted to the side for an off-the-face look. Kris keeps the colour classy too, with a glossy black-brown shade all over. This will suit women with round, oval, heart, and triangular shaped faces nicely.

Suze Orman Short Straight Hairstyle.

Suze Orman is rocking a cool hairstyle here for all the ladies out there who prefer a bit of length to play around with. Suze's hair has long layers on top that are tapered in towards the ear, giving this 'do a bob-like effect. Her bangs have been layered in as well so they sit nicely to the side and off the face, however a side swept fringe would also work for those women who like some more coverage on the forehead. This cut will suit ladies with round, oval, heart, and triangular shaped faces the best. Women with a straight hair texture will also yield the best results. To style this 'do up, all it takes is a blow-dry with a round brush to create this sleek and smooth finish.

Olympia Dukakis Short Straight Hairstyle.

Here, we have Olympia Dukakis wearing a voluminous short 'do with a side-swept fringe. This hairstyle enhances a great set of cheekbones so if this trait applies to you, then you may want to give this hairstyle a try! Olympia's hair is left cheekbone length on top and is slightly layered towards the ends, while the under layers have been tapered in close to the head. To style, she has added volume and body by using a round brush to dry the hair, creating a 'flip' in the fringe area. This hairstyle is sophisticated and classy, and will work best on women with round, oval, heart, and triangular shaped faces.

Helen Mirren hairstyle
Helen Mirren
is renowned for her extraordinary acting ability and her sophisticated beauty. This English Rose is showing no signs of wilting, and always has a fabulous haircut and hair color to match her youthful beauty. Here, Helen wears long, layered side-swept bangs that frames her eyes while adding hair volume to the rest of her hairstyle. Her hair has been tapered into the back of the neck with hair layers cut in throughout the crown and sides. To re-create this voluminous look at home, add hair mousse to the roots of the hair and blow-dry using a large round hair brush to give the hair a lift and a soft wave, like Helen's.

Sharon Osbourne hairstyle
Feeling feisty at fifty? Sharon Osbourne shows us how to add a little rock n' roll to our hair with her vibrant red highlights and tousled short layers. Sharon wears her bangs asymmetrical and layered, to create softness against her square face shape. Her hair has been heavily layered throughout the crown and sides which creates volume at the top that tapers down nicely towards the cheekbones.

Mid-Length Hairstyles

Cheryl Hines hairstyle

Cheryl Hines is looking lovely as ever here in her honey blonde bob. Cheryl has a fabulous peachy complexion that she highlights with this stunning warm honey blonde color. Style Note: Avoid going for a too-light blonde just to match your grey/white roots and stick to a shade that is closer to your natural color for best results. Your complexion will look better and you will avoid a washed-out look. In addition to her lovely color, the cut is just right too. Her shoulder length bob looks smooth and sleek with just a few layers to frame the face. The soft blow-out adds volume throughout and just a hint of curl at the ends for a perfectly polished 'do.

Swoosie Kurtz hairstyle

Swoosie Kurtz looks vibrant and youthful in her red short hairstyle here. With lots of layers cut in the crown and longer layers framing the nape of the neck, this is an elegant 'do that will appeal to many mature women out there for its style and versatility. This is a great cut for fine hair and the color will suit women with cool skin tones. Another nice feature of this hairstyle is the side-swept long bangs which create a sexy, youthful vibe!

Joan Rivers hairstyle

Ok, she may be a bit crazy at times but you gotta admit that Joan Rivers always has show-stopping hair, and her latest hairstyle is no exception. Joan's short layered bob is full of life with jagged layers cut in throughout and cute flicks around the face. This provides the cut with a lot of texture and dimension, and is also a great way to slim the appearance of the face down (if that's what you're after). Joan's color is also looking fab here. She has chosen just the right shade of blonde for her skin tone without it looking too light or too brassy, and has added some subtle highlights for a natural look. To style this hairdo, all it takes is a simple blow dry and a flick of the ends using a curling iron or round brush.

Vanna White hairstyle

And finally, we have Vanna White in a chic medium hairstyle. This is a simple shoulder length hairstyle that looks fabulous with long layers throughout. Vanna's color is soft and feminine looking, with a dark blonde base and highlights throughout. Ask your colorist to do your roots dark - this is a handy tip used by celebrities to give off the appearance of a dark (not grey or white) base color, which really does take the years off.

These are just a few examples of hairstyles for mature women. Keep checking our website for more ideas as new 'dos are added weekly!