If you have cool fair skin, you may find that many hair colors are too warm and brassy against your face. The key to the perfect color for your skin is sticking red, blue or ash based tones that will compliment your naturally fair and cool (pink-based) skin. Whether you want blonde, brown or red hair, there is a shade that is perfect for your skin tone. Check out these celebrity colors for inspiration. 

Abigail Breslin hairstylesAbigail Breslin looks fantastic in this dark red-brown color because it harmonizes with her pink-based skin tone. This rich color brings out her rosy cheeks and highlights her blue eyes.


Dita Von Teese hairstylesDita Von Teese has created her signature look by pairing her fair cool skin with jet black locks. This is a dramatic look, but it can be pulled off if you are dedicated to glamming yourself up everyday—this color combo doesn’t work so well for the natural look.


Olivia Wilde hairstylesOlivia Wilde has chosen a gorgeous shade of brown to offset her blue eyes and porcelain skin. This neutral shade of brown works well because it is not too golden or brassy for her skin.


Patricia Arquette hairstylesFinally, Patricia Arquette shows us how good blonde can look with cool fair skin. Her icy blonde shade looks fantastic with her skin tone and brings out her light blue eyes.