It's a bit of a misconception that long hair styles are all high maintenance and require massively long preparation and styling time. Long hair styles are a lovely feminine look and if you choose the right hairstyle you can enjoy your long hair with a minimum of fuss. Take a look at the examples below of easy long hair styles and try a few on yourself to see how they look.


Adriana Lima's Sleek Long Hair Style

Adriana Lima hairstylesAdriana's hairstyle achieves a maximum of sultriness with a minimum of effort. It's a sophisticated long hair style created mainly with long layers cut through the edges and around the front of her face. Styling is as easy as creating a side part and, with a medium radial brush, blow-drying the hair straight from roots to ends. Work in small sections from the back to sides and remember to use a heat protection conditioner first. Finish off by simply applying a little smoothing shine from the mid-lengths to the ends of your hair.


Christina Ricci's Smooth Long Hair Style

Christina Ricci hairstylesChristina looks slick and smooth without all the effort. Her hairstyle was quite simple to create: a small amount of layering was added to the sides for shape, and blunt bangs add some definition and edginess. Styling is simply a matter of using a large radial brush to blow-dry the bangs forward from roots to ends (keep going until the hair is dry as this will prevent frizz), and to blow-dry the back and sides straight. To finish all you need to do is apply some smoothing shine from your mid-lengths to ends and a little hairspray from arm's length.


Jessica Simpson's Layered Long Hair Style

Jessica Simpson hairstylesLayers add plenty of volume to Jessica's hairstyle and her bangs frame her face nicely. If you have medium to thick long hair that's naturally straight, then this easy long hair style is for you. Apply some gel spray to the roots, part the hair at the side and, with a large radial brush, blow-dry the back under. Blow-dry the sides forward and the top in an upwards direction, and then for a sculptured look apply some wax to the sides and back with your fingertips. Run a little smoothing shine from mid-lengths to ends and finish off with a mist of hairspray.


K.D. Aubert's Pinned Back Long Hair Style

KD Aubert hairstylesK.D.'s long curly hairstyle is easy to achieve on naturally curly hair. Layers create body and volume and the top was teased and pinned back to create balance. Styling this hairstyle doesn't take long at all. Apply mousse to slightly damp hair and, with your head upside down, use a diffuser and blow-dry your hair in circular movements (here's a styling tip: to prevent frizz and help define the curls try not to dry the hair completely). Next use a curling iron on the back and sides for a few minutes, pin the top, scrunch some gel wax through your curls and mist with hairspray.


Above and Beyond Hair Salon's Long Curly Hairstyle

Salon hairstylesThe curls of this hairstyle are easy to maintain with regular trims, and it's a cinch to style too. Apply mousse to damp hair and blow-dry the sides and back to kick-out. Curl the back, mid-lengths and ends with a curling iron, piece the ends with molding cream and tease the crown and sides a little. Finish off your long curly hairstyle by applying some smoothing cream (with the palms of your hands) from the mid-lengths to the ends. End with a spray of lacquer.


These long hair styles are great because they're relatively easy to maintain and style. You don't need to spend hours with rollers and blow-dryers; instead most of them can be styled with a good radial brush, a few puffs of a blow-dryer and a little hair product here and there. No hairstyle, save for super short haircuts, is going to be a complete no-brainer to style, but as far as long hair styles go these are certainly pretty easy.

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