One of the simplest ways to create a great look in very little time is to make the most of your natural hair texture and style right for your hair type. So, if you have natural curls, some wicked waves or silky straight locks then show them off with hairstyles that will allow your natural hair to shine!

Curly Hairstyles: Scrunched and Half Up!
Model with curly short hairModel with curly half up hairstyle

Natural curls can look really great when defined and are a cinch to style when you have enough natural curl to create a curly hairstyle just by scrunching some hair mousse through your locks and allowing your hair to naturally style itself (above, left).

If you want a more structured style or something that is not too curly around your face, then try pulling your curls into a half up half down hairstyle for smoothness around your face which still shows off your gorgeous curl in the rest of your hair length (above, right).

Wavy Hairstyles: Pretty Plaits and Side Sweeping!
Model with long brown wavy hairModel with long blonde wavy hair

For a wavy hairstyle that is soft and feminine, you just can't go past the appeal of adding a pretty plait through your bangs or locks and then letting the rest of your natural waves create a romantic, loose hairstyle (above, left).

For a wavy 'do with more impact, use a large curling iron to further define your natural waves, or plait damp hair and leave it to dry, and then add a side hair part and sweep all of your wonderful waves to one side. Pin your hair into place and then dress your locks up with hair accessories or let you waves do all the talking depending on the occasion (above, right).

Straight Hairstyles: Updos and Hair Volume!
Model with straight upstyleModel with long straight hair

While straight hair looks great down, one of the best things about naturally straight hair is how easy it is to get a great looking updo! Straight hair is the perfect texture to create a smooth upstyle that is full of hair shine, and can be made even more interesting with backcombing and decorative hair clips (above, left).

If you prefer to wear your straight locks down then give them a boost by using large hair rollers or your blow-dryer and a round hair brush to inject some volume into your hair strands. A bouncy straight hairstyle will give the illusion of thick hair (which is great news for those with straight, fine hair) and it'll also stop your finished hairstyle from looking way too flat (above, right).