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Prom Hairstyles: The Bob
A bob haircut worn straight will suit a prom dress that's quite detailed or "noisy", where you would need a simple hairstyle so as not to take away from the dress. A dress that is on the plain side will look better with a bob that has some curl or volume added to it. (For more information about your prom dress's "mood" see our article: Prom Hairstyles: Hair and Dress Tips.) Here are some gorgeous ways to style a bob for your big night out.

Medium Straight Windblown Bob Hairstyle

With a little backcombing and hairspray, you can transform your bob into a sexy style that would suit a fashion-forward or edgy prom outfit.

Amirah Vann Medium Curly Casual Afro Upswept do with Layered Bangs

Ladies with curly bobs will look stunning in Amirah Vann's upswept hairstyle as seen here. Show your curly hair off and create a glamorous up-do by pinning the hair near the crown, allowing the hair the cascade forward.

Beach Waves
Shoulder Length Wavy Bob with Beach Waves

To jazz up a shoulder length bob, use a large curling iron to create these polished beach waves in your 'do. This look is young, fun and not too uptight, thanks to the random sections that are curled on top while the bottom layers remain straight.

Mermaid Waves and a Bold Color
Short Wavy Alternative Pink Bob with Mermaid Waves

For the edgy girl, adding mermaid waves a bright and bold color like this lavender and pink combo can really transform a bob from boring to bodacious. Your stylist will advise if this is possible on your hair type and color.

Graduated Bob with a Hint of Color
Short Straight Graduated Bob

A bob that lifts up in the back (also known as a graduated bob) looks elegant in formal situations and shows off the neck and back beautifully. For a fun addition, add a bold streak of color in the front to match your dress.

Prom Hairstyles: Plaits
Feel like something a little bit different, maybe a slightly boho or hippie hairstyle? Try this particular style. Plaits aren't just trendy and fashionable, they can act as a headband that keeps your hair out of your face. This prom hairstyle will dress up an otherwise simple look and make placing a flower or tiara in the hair easier.

Crown Braid
Matilda Lutz Long Straight Updo with Side Swept Bangs and a Crown Braid

You'll look and feel like royalty with a crown braid with side swept bangs like Matilda Lutz on your prom night. This 'do is ideal for ladies with long or thick hair that fancy a medieval look. Add flowers or jewels for extra effect.


Rita Ora Long Curly Braided Updo
Rita Ora's platinum blonde crown braid looks gorgeous with all of her hair pulled back (no fringe) and pearls inserted throughout.

Box Braids for African Hair
Gabrielle Union Long Curly Braided Hairstyle

If you have African hair and enjoy wearing box braids, prom is the ideal occasion to glam them up with beads, bright and bold colors, flowers or jewels, depending on what suits your prom dress. Gabrielle Union adorns her box braids with silver accessories for a beautiful finish.

Boho Braids
Katherine McNamara Long Wavy Formal Updo with Boho Braids

Medium to long hair looks lovely in two boho braids, as seen here on Katherine McNamara. This is a stunning way to wear your hair long and loose, with a stylish semi up-do effect thanks to a loose braid on either side.

French Braids

Christine Teigen Twisted Braided Updo with Side Swept Bangs

For a sassy way to wear french braids, copy Chrissy Teigen's twisted braided up-do. Her side-swept fringe is left out in the front while the rest of her hair is french braided, twisted and pinned at the back.

Prom Hairstyles: Vintage
Going for a classic, old Hollywood vibe? Choose a vintage-inspired hairstyle to match your gown for an ultra glamorous look. These hairstyles will suit sophisticated gowns and retro dresses nicely.

Finger Waves
Janelle Monae Short Curly Finger Wave Bob

Finger waves will transform short, medium or long hair into a dazzling 'do. Janelle Monae's finger wave bob is an excellent option for ladies going for a 1920s style prom look.

Valentina Zelyaeva Long Wavy Formal Updo with Finger Waves

Valentina Zelyaeva's short hairstyle looks amazing styled up in finger waves.

Amy Winehouse Long Wavy beehive Updo Hairstyle

Go for the pin-up girl look with Amy Winehouse's iconic beehive hairstyle. Add a flower on the side like Amy for a beautiful finish.

Rag Curls
Medium Wavy Hairstyle with Soft Vintage Waves

You can create these soft vintage waves by using the heat-free method of wrapping sections of hair around strips of cloth, tying them up and letting them dry. Brush them out once dry for a soft, silky feel like our model here.

Emma Stone Medium Wavy Formal Bob with Vintage Rag Curls

For a more polished look, use hot rollers to create your vintage rag curls like Emma Stone.

Prom Hairstyles: Buns

Top Knot
Nicole Scherzinger Long Straight Formal Updo with a Topknot Bun

A sleek topknot is the perfect hairstyle to compliment a bold or daring dress and show off your face. Nicole Scherzinger's topknot is twisted and pinned with some pokey ends sticking out for a fashion-forward finish.

Nina Dobrev Long Straight Updo with a Topknot Bun

Nina Dobrev goes for a more polished topknot with her hair slicked back into a smooth bun at the crown.  This is a good hairstyle to show off a fabulous pair of earrings or a sexy neckline on a dress.

Low Bun
Sarah Hyland Formal Updo with a Bun

Classy and elegant is the main idea for this look. Sarah Hyland's bun is at the nape of her neck while her side-swept bangs are curled to make a lovely tendril that frames her face.

Messy Side Bun
Jessica Alba Long Straight Formal Updo with a low side Bun

Go for an classy look with a bit of edge with a messy low side bun like Jessica Alba. This would suit a strapless dress nicely or one with an intricate neckline.

Bun with Bangs
Rihanna Long Straight Updo with a high Bun and Blunt Cut Bangs

Do a Rihanna and pair a high bun with a blunt fringe for a head-turning look. This hairstyle is ideal when paired with an elegant gown and dramatic makeup to match.

Those are just a few ideas for gorgeous prom hairstyles. You can try on thousands more at thehairstyler.com!

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