Short Wavy Pink Bob Haircut

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Added: 30 Oct 2017
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Visual Story

 Short Wavy   Pink  Bob  Haircut  - Visual Story


This chic bob is blow-dried to smooth the hair with large kinks added to the mid-lengths, while turning the ends slightly out for a fabulous finish. The grown out bangs are worn down in front of the face and completes the overall look brilliantly. Regular trims are needed to maintain this hairstyle.

Our model looks flawless here in a modern and edgy blunt bob with large mermaid waves throughout. This cut is ideal for showing off her strong facial features with an interesting peek-a-boo effect. The grown out bangs provide her face with a nice frame while the rest of her hair maintains a smooth finish, with large waves added throughout that fall just past her chin. The blunt ends give her locks a healthy appearance and keeps her hair looking thick. This ‘do has lots of movement to it and works with both casual and formal attire. It also makes her tresses appear thicker thanks to the cut and random waves throughout. For added style, the front is left longer than the back for a chic, graduated shape.

Our model looks fabulous here in on-trend pink locks that flatter her skin tone and eye color nicely. Having light blue eyes and a cool, fair skin tone, she looks best in beige and platinum blonde shades, as well as bright and bold shades like this pink. This particular color has dark magenta roots and lighter cotton candy pink ends that highlights her cool complexion and makes her eyes, and especially her eyebrows (which have been colored with a magenta pencil to match) pop. This color needs regular touch-ups to keep it looking vibrant and bold, as pastel colors tend to fade out quite fast.

Hairstyle Type


Haircut Technique

Scissor Cut


Face Shape
Hair Density
Hair Texture

Under 21, 21 - 30, and 31 - 40

Forehead Height


20 minutes
Use a waving iron or three-pronged curling iron to create this look in the hair.
Wax and Hair Spray
Blow Dryer and Curling Iron

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Styling Steps

1. Part to the Left

step 1

Using the corner of your comb and standing in front of a mirror find the middle of your left eye and then drag the comb straight up slowly until you reach your hairline and then continue back in a straight manner to achieve an even left part. A side part is great for longer face shapes because it creates the illusion of width.

2. Use a Paddle Brush

step 2

A paddle brush is used for detangling the hair and can be used to smooth out straight hair when blow-drying or styling. It is a must have for every household.

3. Blow-dry Using a Paddle Brush

step 3

Working in sections starting from the back, place the paddle brush close to the roots and drag it through the strands slowly, taking care not to overheat your hair. Once dry, continue to a new section, completing the back, the sides and then the top section last of all.

4. Use a Triple Barrel Curling Iron

step 4

A triple barrel curling iron is used to apply a defined wave throughout the hair.

5. Use a Triple Barrel Curling Iron to Curl the Back

step 5

Starting at the nape and working your way up, take a small to medium section of hair and clamp it between the barrels of your curling iron. Hold the hair for 5 to 10 seconds and then release.

6. Use a Triple Barrel Curling Iron to Curl the Side

step 6

Starting above your ear and working your way up to your part, take a small to medium section of hair and clamp it between the barrels of your curling iron. Hold the hair for 5 to 10 seconds and then release.

7. Tease Hair

step 7

Pick up a small selection of hair from your mid section no bigger than your tail comb. Place your comb at the roots and then comb up and down until the hair is standing up by itself. Continue to the crown and finish at the sides. Repeat this step if you require more volume.

8. Scrunch Hair Using Wax and Fingers

step 8

Apply your wax to the ends of your hair and then lightly pinch and scrunch the hair before allowing your wax to set.

9. Wax the Back of Hair Out

step 9

Using wax and your fingers grab the mid-lengths of your hair and then drag it out and upwards for a full and messy result. Remember not to overdo the wax or your result will be a flat and greasy style.

10. Style Sides Out Using Wax

step 10

To get your sides to sit out, apply a small amount of wax to your fingertips and then working mainly on the ends, pinch them while dragging the hair in an out and upwards motion. Be careful not to overdo that wax or your result will be a flat and limp style.

11. Apply Hairspray

step 11

To finish, apply a minimal amount of hairspray from an arms length distance to the top, sides and back. Take care not to use too much or you will end up with a white, flaky residue which looks like dandruff.

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