While bridal hairstyles come in lots of different choices and brides are free to choose whatever hairdo matches their dress, suits their theme or takes their fancy, wavy and straight hairstyles are classic looks that never go out of style. So if you've already decided that a straight or wavy hairstyle will be the look for you, or if you're just starting out in your quest for the perfect wedding hairstyle, then these wavy or straight ideas for short, medium and long length hair are great options to consider.

But if we want something, elegant, flirty, fun and feminine, curls are the perfect option! Curly hair will add softness to any hairstyle and looks especially great when teamed with sparkly hair clips, styled into updos or even left out to cascade down your shoulders. To see what we mean, here are some of our favorite choices for a curly bridal hairstyle.


Short Straight Hair

Short straight bridal hairstyle

For a touch of smoothness with a funky edge, you just can't go past this short straight hairstyle! To really make this look special try adding some smoothing shine to the front sections so your smooth locks catch the light and give you an extra glow.

Mid-Length Straight Hair

Medium straight bridal hairstyle

While a bob might not initially make you think of a wedding look, bob hairstyles are really flattering 'dos that are very versatile. A sleek and straight look such as this one would look really stunning and modern teamed with a spaghetti strap wedding dress. Just remember to keep your locks sleek and hair frizz free to get the best result.

Long Straight Hair

Long bridal upstyle

The ultimate bridal hairstyle for long hair is of course the updo. And while this look features some great curled buns on top, long straight hair is what will get you the sleekness of the look around your face. Try adding hair jewels or sparkly hair clips to make this look even more special.

Side-Swept Bangs

Straight bridal hairstyle with bangs

Teaming a straight hairstyle with some sassy side-swept bangs for your wedding day will give you a style that draws attention to your eyes and gives your face shapelots of softness. To achieve picture perfect bangs check out our blog, How to Style: Side-Swept Bangs.


Short Wavy Hair

Short waves bridal hairstyle

Inspired by the hair fashion of the '40s, this short wavy hairstyle is the perfect way to add some old Hollywood glamour to your big day. Heated hair rollers are a must for creating this look and will leave your hands free so you can get on with your makeup and wedding hairstyle preparations while your hair sets.

Mid-Length Wavy Hair

Medium wavy bridal hairstyle

If romantic and effortless is the look that you want to show off on your big day then this wavy hairstyle for mid-length hair is a great option. Use hot rollers or a large curling iron to create the look and dress it up with a veil, decorated hair pins or some flowers.

Long Wavy Hair

Long wavy bridal hairstyle

Truly one of the best ways to show off waves is to add them to lusciously long hair. Even just a hint of a wave through long hair is enough to create an instantly romantic hairstyle - which is what wedding hairstyles are all about! Keep these waves under control with hair mousse and hairspray and enjoy the results.


Elegant Updo

Curly bridal updo

This elegant updo uses curls just throughout the bun area to create a soft style that isn't too over the top. The smoother strands through the roots and bangs provides a smooth base and shows off shiny, healthy locks, while the subtle curls in the bun draw attention and create the kind of elegance that's perfect for a wedding hairstyle.

Natural Curls

Bridal hairstyle with natural curls

If you have natural curls, and plenty of them, then a style which shows them off is the perfect choice. Just imagine these soft curls draping your face and creating a beautiful frame which draws attention to your eyes. To ensure a stunning finish, try a curl enhancing styling product followed by a serum to define your natural curls and keep hair frizz at bay.

Half Up Half Down

Half up half down curly bridal hairstyle

If you can't decide between an upstyle or wearing your hair down, a half up half down hairstyle is the perfect compromise. A style such as this would look radiant with a strapless wedding dress and would be very easy to achieve using a large curling iron to create large, loose curls through the mid-lengths and ends of your hair.


Curly bridal ponytail

Even a simple ponytail with the right touches can serve as a wedding hairstyle. This 'do uses a deep side hair part, plenty of height through the back area and lots of large curls through the mid-lengths and ends to create a bridal hairstyle sure to garner attention. A look like this could even be used for your bridesmaids too.

Simple and Carefree

Long curly hairstyle

When your curls look this stunning then there's nothing left to do but wear them out to show them off! These cascading curls are perfect for a beach wedding or any outdoor occasion, just remember to use plenty of spray in hair styling products. Not only to keep your curls in place, but to also eliminate the need to add finishing products with your hands, which could potentially ruin this great finish.

Hair Accessories

Bridal hairstyle with accessories

Our final bridal hairstyle for curly hair is another fabulous upstyle, this time with some stunning flower hair clips. The right hair accessory can really help to take your bridal hairstyle to the next level. Match any hair accessories to your dress or the theme of your wedding for the most impact, and remember to keep it fun!