Often the go-to style for a night on the town, the updo is also a great look that can be adapted as an everyday hairstyle. One way to make the updo an even greater look is to choose the type of updo that will suit your hair characteristics and lifestyle. For an idea on the ideal updo for you, take a look at these hairstyles...

The Ideal Updo for Bangs
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If you have a great set of bangs then you'll want an updo that puts them front and center. A classic updo that involves pulling all of your hair back is a great option. With all of your hair back, you then have the chance to style your bangs in a way that puts all the focus on them. To stop your updo from verging on boring, don't forget to add some height at the crown of your head.

The Ideal Updo for a Feminine Touch
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Nothing says feminine like pretty plaits and braids. Adding a braid or plait to your updo puts soft texture directly into your locks and keeps your look from being overdone. The key to this type of updo is loose strands so don't make your plait or braid too tight. You can add the plait or braid through your ends in a classic side-swept 'do, or through the front sections of your hair as a makeshift headband.

The Ideal Updo for the Time Poor
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If you don't have the time to create an elaborate hairstyle it doesn't mean you can't style your locks into an updo. A simply ponytail is all it takes to get your locks out of a down-and-loose styling rut and into something with more funk. For something casual, try a loose side-styled pony with nice straight strands or some curls worked into the ends. For a more polished, professional finish, backcomb your roots before smoothing your hair into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck.

The Ideal Updo for Volume Lovers
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For those who like a more classic looking updo, try buns with plenty of volume. Pulling your hair back and securing it at the back of your head creates a timeless look, but it can look a little flat and boring from the front. Spice it up by backcombing your roots before pulling your hair back. That way there's lots of volume and your hair is far from plain looking. If big locks aren't for you or your hair it too fine, but you'd like still like plenty of height, consider adding the volume through your bun instead.