Styling your hair while you're rushing to get through your morning routine can sometimes fall to the bottom of the must-do list so finding an easy hairstyle that you can just wash and wear everyday is a great time saving hair option - as these celebrities prove.

Short and Spiky

Halle Berry hairstylesIf you have short hair then adding some funky spikes is a quick and easy way to give yourself great hair in record time. This look from actress Halle Berry only requires 10 minutes of your time and some moulding cream spiked through your strands to re-create.

Naturally Straight Hair

Jennifer Love Hewitt hairstylesIf your hair is naturally straight then let your hair shine by giving it a good wash with some nourishing shampoo and conditioner, running a comb gently through your lengths and then letting your straight locks dry and do their thing! Straight hair looks great with a middle hair part, and if you've got bangs and some serious length (à la Jennifer Love Hewitt), then try this simple yet stunning hairstyle.

Naturally Curly Hair

Rachel Dipillo hairstylesWhen your hair is naturally curly (like Rachel Dipillo) then it's very easy to take those curls and create an instant hairstyle full of body and texture. For best results, wash with shampoo designed for curly hair and then scrunch through curl enhancing mousse to encourage your curls and control frizzy hair. After that, head out the door, leaving your curls to air dry.


Rihana hairstylesWhen in a rush, we've all been guilty of throwing our hair into an easy updo to get out of having to put in more effort, but there's no shame in pulling off such a simple look, and you can still add a touch of styling glamour by adding some backcombing and side-sweeping any bangs or front sections of hair, as shown here on Rihanna.

Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

Alyson Michalka hairstylesAnother easy way to create a more structured hairstyle with freshly washed locks is to simply pin your hair into a half up half down hairstyle. Disheveled is the key to this look so don't waste time trying to get your strands perfect. Just pin your hair back and go, allowing your natural hair texture, whether it's straight or curly (like Alyson Michalka) to air dry and complete your look.

To see how you'd look with any of these celebrity hairstyles, click on the images for a link to try the virtual hairstyle on your own photo or our model!