When you want to wear your hair up for an event then there's the obvious bun or updo choices, but a great look that is always easy on the eyes and a cinch to style is the ponytail!

The Casual, Chic Ponytail
Crystal Reed hairstylesCrystal Reed hairstyles

A traditional ponytail is styled to sit high at the back of your head, and is a classic look if you've got a nice casual party to go to. All that's required to get this great look is a bit of backcombing through your roots to get some height, to pull all of your locks back, and then ensure there are some loose strands around your face (and your bangs styled neatly if you have them).

The Classy Side Ponytail
Taylor Swift hairstylesTaylor Swift hairstyles

If a sleek hairstyle is required then this classy side ponytail is a great option. Start with clean, smooth, straight hair and then side swept it - remembering to securing your strands behind your ear so that the hair elastic can't be seen - to re-create this fabulous look. Again, some soft, loose strands around the face gives a beautiful finish to this party ready 'do.

The Glamorous Side Ponytail
Jennifer Love Hewitt hairstylesJennifer Love Hewitt hairstyles

For a side ponytail with more oomph, this glamorous look uses backcombing through the roots for height, some fantastic side-swept bangs for an old-Hollywood feel and glossy locks with just the right amount of curls through the ends to add some playfulness to this look. Give it a try at the office Christmas party and watch the compliments roll in.

The Braided Side Ponytail
Kim Kardashian hairstylesKim Kardashian hairstyles

Not every ponytail look has to have perfectly styled strands. This braided side ponytail borrows from the messy-yet-chic school of styling and uses a loose fishtail braid through the ends of the side-swept ponytail to add texture and a fun finish. It's perfect for those casual holiday get-togethers where you want to look effortlessly good, but not overdone.