Updos will always be a red carpet staple for celebrities and are also great styling choices for when you need a glamorous look or a stylish way to do something different with your hair. So to ensure that you make the most out of a versatile updo, keep these styling do's and don'ts in mind.

Do Go All Out:

Kourtney Kardashian hairstylesIf it's a big occasion like a wedding or a formal or you just really want to impress then take your cue from Kourtney Kardashian and go all out when it comes to your updo. The sleek locks, the detailed bun and the shiny hair all make this a beautiful upstyle that is sure to turn heads.


Do Style with Knots:

Dianna Agron hairstylesJust because you're styling your hair at the back of your head where it may not be seen doesn't mean it can't look fabulous! Securing your hair length by pulling it into sassy little knot is a really flattering look that is really on-trend right now. Dianna Agron pulls off a great example with this knotted 'do and shows just how easy it is to keep your hair out of the way but still keep it stylish.


Do Add Some Fun with Braids:

Teresa Palmer hairstylesOne way to really add some fun and interest to any updo is with with the help of some braids. Long hair is needed to really pack the punch of this look from Teresa Palmer, which takes her braided length and then wraps and pins it at the top of her head for a casual yet chic look.


Don't Let Backcombing Ruin Your Look:

Cherly Hines hairstylesBackcombing your upstyle will give it volume and height, but too much backcombing can take your look over the top, especially if the backcombing is knotty and messy, à la this look from Cheryl Hines. When backcombing your updo make sure the end result is smooth and that you use plenty of hairspray to keep your locks in place and your finish frizz free.


Don't Forget to Fail Proof Your Hair:

Virginia Madsen hairstylesEven the most carefully styled updo can come undone if you use too much hair product (or too little), your hair isn't pinned into place securely or if the weather gets to your locks. Always ensure you're using the right hair styling products for your look, styling for the venue and allowing yourself enough styling time to create your updo. A rushed upstyle is not a good look, as shown here on Virginia Madsen.


Don't Think That Styling Updos Has to Be Hard:

Mila Kunis hairstylesAlthough updos take more of a styling effort than say just brushing your hair and heading out the door, not all updos require hours and hours of styling. Simply pulling clean, healthy hair into a no-fuss bun at the nape of your neck with a few select strands around your face is enough to create a low maintenance hairstyle (similar to this 'do from Mila Kunis) which looks elegant and effortless in very little time.