View yourself with Mila Kunis hairstyles. We provide easy "How to style" tips as well as letting you know which hairstyles will match your face shape, hair texture and hair density.

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Mila Kunis Long Black Waves

Long Black Waves

The central concept for this long-hair hairstyle that Mila Kunis is rocking is wavy yet formal! The mid-lengths to ends of this stunning hairstyle have... read more.

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ila Kunis

Medium Straight Black Bob with Side Swept Bangs

Mila Kunis looks as gorgeous as ever! This is a very simple hairstyle. The power of this look is actually the hair cut. The blunt... read more.

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ila Kunis

Medium Wavy Black Bob with Blunt Cut Bangs

Subtle layers are cut through the back and sides of Mila Kunis' espresso brown bob to balance out the bounce and body of the waves,... read more.

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ila Kunis

Long Straight Brunette

Smooth and simple is the main idea for this long casual hairstyle. These locks are left out to fall over the shoulders showing off the... read more.

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ila Kunis

Long Curly Black Updo

These long black locks are pulled back and pinned to the head to create this casual updo best suited for any casual day or night... read more.

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ila Kunis

Long Straight Dark Chocolate Brunette with Brunette Highlights

The length and layers of this smooth hairstyle are jagged cut then blow-waved from root to tip to achieve a low-fuss yet glossy finish. This... read more.

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ila Kunis

Long Wavy Dark Brunette

This long casual hairstyle is dressed in soft waves through the mid-lengths to ends to give these fine locks movement and shape. This is great... read more.

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ila Kunis

Long Wavy Dark Mocha Brunette

This elegant hairstyle has waves added to the mid-lengths to ends adding shape and bounce to this wonderful look. The top is teased to add... read more.

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ila Kunis

Long Straight Black with Brunette Highlights

This glossy hairstyle is layered through the sides and front to add shape to the front which softens the style to compliment the face. This... read more.

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ila Kunis

Long Straight Dark Brunette and Dark Blonde Two-Tone Updo

This gracious upstyle has been set in hot rollers, teased at the roots to add height and lift at the crown, then pinned to the... read more.

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ila Kunis

Long Wavy Dark Chocolate Brunette

Long layers added to compliment the length of this luscious 'do enhances the waves added to the sides and back to create this gorgeous shape... read more.

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ila Kunis

Long Straight

This gorgeous long hairstyle has long layers around the edges to compliment the stunning length and adds movement to the ends. Highlights were added to... read more.

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ila Kunis

Long Wavy Dark Brunette

Mila showed off her layers with this simple yet stunning hairstyle. Large waves were added to her mid-lengths for movement and softness and can be... read more.