If you've ever wondered how a celebrity can line up a week of appearances where they have long hair at one event, short at the next, and then back to long again without a hair extension in sight then you've been a witness to the trickery of faux styling!

Faux styling involves pinning or styling your hair into different lengths and shapes, or using clip in extensions to temporarily extend your length or to add a flash of fleeting hair color. Hence why it's a great option for celebrities who want to create different looks when doing PR events without compromising their real hair length or color.

Faux hairstyling can be quite easy to re-create with a little hair pinning practice, and can also allow you to test run a different length or bangs before committing to a cut.

For some faux looks that can be copied and tried at home, give these faux celebrity hairstyles a try!

The Faux Bangs
Izabella Miko hairstylesIzabella Miko hairstyles

If you love the look of bangs but aren't ready to give yourself a permanent fringe then take your cue from Izabella Miko and use your hair length to create the illusion of bangs. A deep side hair part has been added to her hair and her length has then been styled across her face and pinned into place at eye level to give off the impression that she has some lovely full, side-swept bangs.

The Faux Hair Color
Katy Perry hairstylesKaty Perry hairstyles

To forgo the time and expense of brightly colored highlights, you could take a leaf out of Katy Perry's hairstyling book and use clip in hair extensions. They offer a great bold color, without all the hair damage, and are perfect for one off events. Just clip the extensions in the underneath sections of your hair and intertwine them with the rest of your strands and no one will be the wiser!

The Faux Bob Hairstyle
Malin Akerman hairstylesMalin Akerman hairstyles


If you thought Malin Akerman had cut her long locks into a short sassy bob hairstyle when you saw the first picture then you're not alone. But the actress didn't in fact cut her hair at all, she simply pinned her length back and tucked it underneath, and then left her front sections of hair out to frame her face and create the impression of a bob. It's a quick and easy trick and could even help you decide if going short is for you!

The Faux Mohawk Hairstyle
Kesha hairstylesKesha hairstyles

For a style that's sure to garner attention you could go the Kesha route and give a faux mohawk a try. Just make sure you've got plenty of hairspray and hair pins in supply and learn how to backcomb to get your tresses as high as possible. It won't be much fun trying to undo this hairdo, but it'll sure be fun wearing it!