Justin Bieber hairstylesThe 2010 American Music Awards kicked off in spectacular fashion this year with a medley performance from Rihanna, followed by live hits from The Black Eyes Peas, Christina Aguilera, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Ne-Yo, Usher, Pink and Kesha, just to name a few.

The big winners of the night were Justin Bieber (pictured right), Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift - and although the stars were there for their music - some of the hairstyles were winners too and here is our pick of the best!.

Best Bangs - Taylor Swift 
Taylor Swift hairstylesTaylor Swift hairstyles

Not only are her bangs great, but Taylor Swift also wins extra points for her hot new makeover!. Normally tressed out in her trademark curls, the long straight lengths of this style, and the fabulous full blunt cut bangs, creates a totally new look for the country singer and we love it!.

Best Curly Hairstyle - Rihanna 
Rihanna hairstylesRihanna hairstyles

Favorite Soul/R&B Female Artist winner of the night, Rihanna, decked her red hair out in curls for the AMA's and there was definitely no missing this fabulous curly hairstyle on the red carpet!.

Best Long Hairstyle - Fergie 
Fergie hairstylesFergie hairstyles

Nothing says a classic look like a middle hair part, some long luscious length and bit of body through the ends. This long hairstyle from Fergie was the perfect subtle compliment to her eye-catching dress, which came complete with feather shoulder pads!.

Best Short Hairstyle - Keri Hilson 
Keri Hilson hairstylesKeri Hilson hairstyles

Representing the best in short hair was Keri Hilson with her sassy 'do. The flicked curls through the front and the soft curls through the ends really made her short hairstyle stand out, and we really love the two-tone hair color too.

Best Wavy Hairstyle - Christina Milian 
Christina Milian hairstylesChristina Milian hairstyles

No red carpet event is complete without a wavy hairstyle, and our pick of the night comes from Christina Milian. The hair volume and sassy waves are perfect for her hair length, and the glossiness of her waves really caps the look off.

Best Hair Color - Miley Cyrus 
Miley Cyrus hairstylesMiley Cyrus hairstyles

Looking every bit a glamorous pop star, Miley Cyrus won our vote for the best hair color hands down. The hair shine, the caramel brown hair color and the subtle hints of blonde - it's everything a nice natural looking hair color should be - and one we'd love to try ourselves!.

To see how you'd look with any of these great celebrity hairstyles click on the image for a link to try the virtual hairstyle on your own photo!

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