The 2011 Golden Globe Awards saw a return to old school glamour with many celebrities choosing to style their hair with old Hollywood flair.

Volume filled buns, retro curls and super stylish dresses dominated the night, and as usual, there were those who missed the mark completely, either by choosing the wrong outfit or by under styling their hair. See below for our picks of the best and worst hairstyles.

Best and Worst Updo...

Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson

Natalie Portman hairstylesScarlett Johansson hairstyles

Perhaps still in ballerina hairstyle mode from her Golden Globe winning turn as Nina in Black Swan, Natalie Portman hit the red carpet with this very stylish updo. Not only was her bun perfect for her strapless dress, but it also showed off her gorgeous face (complete with pregnancy glow). Scarlett Johansson, on the other hand, unfortunately let her hair frizz fly and it ruined her whole upstyle look. As a star with one of the better dresses of the night, her hairstyle really should have been much smoother and polished to reflect her beautiful look.

Best and Worst Curly Hairstyle...

Dianna Agron and Helena Bonham Carter

Dianna Agron hairstylesHelena Bonham Carter hairstyles

Dianna Agron is quickly becoming one of our red carpet faves. She always has her hair and outfit spot on, and her Golden Globe ensemble was no different. Her take on retro curls was one of the best of the night and we absolutely love her dress! As for Helena Bonham Carter, she obviously missed the memo that curly hair should be defined and soft, not frizzy and ratty! But at least her horrible hairdo matched her horrible dress...

Best and Worst New Look...

Sandra Bullock and Emma Stone

Sandra Bullock hairstylesEmma Stone hairstyles

While Sandra Bullock has sported bangs in the past, this heavy cut fringe really made a difference to her look and sparked plenty of buzz on the 'net. We love the look! Another new look that made us do a double take and check the name on the photo was newly blonde nominee, Emma Stone. The normally ravishing redhead looked unrecognizable as a bottle blonde and the color is way too pale for her skin tone - although that particular shade of blonde hair color seemed to do more for her skin tone than the color of her orange dress!

Best and Worst Short Hairstyle...

Halle Berry and Tilda Swinton

Halle Berry hairstylesTilda Swinton hairstyles

With a short hairdo being one of the easiest lengths to style, you'd think these ladies would have their short hair looks in the bag. But of all the short 'dos there, Halle Berry pulled off the sassiest, while Tilda Swinton looked like she'd washed her hair, brushed some hair gel through it and then didn't care how it looked after that.

Best and Worst Mid-Length Hairstyle...

Milla Jovovich and Elizabeth Moss

Milla Jovovich hairstylesElizabeth Moss hairstyles

There's a lot of versatility when you have mid-length hair so it was great to see Milla Jovovich taking full advantage and styling her mid-length hair into this great curly side-swept hairstyle. For her mid-length look, Elizabeth Moss seriously under styled with her very casual looking 'do.

Best and Worst Long Hairstyle...

Sofia Vergara and Angelina Jolie

Sofia Vergara hairstylesAngelina Jolie hairstyles

While this long curly hairstyle from Sofia Vergara doesn't stray too far from how she normally styles her hair, if the look is a winner (which we thinking it is), then we agree that she should wear it all the time! As for Angelina Jolie's long hair look, it was far from the kind of glamorous, refined and polished look we'd expect a star of her caliber to flaunt.

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