When it comes to hairstyles there's always a time when the 'do you've been wearing, the color you've been dying your hair, and the length you've been sporting is in dire need of a mix up, so we've put together some celebrity hairstyles that are great options that you can use to snap yourself out of your styling rut and into a great new look!

Hair Color - Rihanna

Rihanna hairstylesOne way to change your look without sacrificing length or committing to a time consuming new hairstyle is to invest in a new hue. While this great red hair color from Rihanna is right on trend and a great eye catcher, a new shade of blonde, brown or black is also a great idea. Use the opportunity to try a hair color you've always wanted to or one that will make your existing color more special with the help of your hairstylist today!


Hair Length - Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba HairstylesThere's nothing like a change in hair length to revitalize your look. Take your cue from Jessica Alba and try a universally flattering mid-length hairstyle. It gives you the lightness of a shorter hair length with the versatility of long hair, ensuring that you can pull off a variety of different looks and styles.


Hair Texture - Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes hairstylesIf you love your current hair length and color then a simple change in hair texture may be all you need to put some spark back into your hairstyling routine. If you normally wear your hair straight then try curls, and vice versa. Or you could go the route of Katie Holmes and try a simple wavy look that is suitable for any occasion.


Bangs - Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel hairstylesThe difference adding bangs to your look can make for you can be quite extraordinary. Bangs can, however, also end up being a haircut disaster so make sure you choose the right bangs for you! Zooey Deschanel has great bangs which both flatter and draw attention to her beautiful features, and are relativity easy to style. If full bangs aren't for you then try side-swept bangs or bangs that have been cut more lightly.


Easy Everyday Hairdo - Jessica Lowndes

Jessica Lowndes hairstyles Hands up if all you do with your hair is wear it out. While simply brushing your hair and heading out the door is an easy option, it's also just as easy to master a simple ponytail or bun which you can style your hair into within a few minutes for a different look. This simple pulled back bun from Jessica Lowndes makes a great everyday look which can be created with any hair texture and a medium to long length. Just leave some strands out around your face and ears for a soft finish.