View yourself with Milla Jovovich hairstyles. We provide easy "How to style" tips as well as letting you know which hairstyles will match your face shape, hair texture and hair density.

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Layers cut all over this short chic 'do makes it easy to blow-wave into the shape by smoothing down the top while adding body to the roots. The bangs are swept across the forehead to soften the face and completes the over-all hairstyle brilliantly. Product is needed to tame fly-away hair.

Milla Jovovich is looking elegant with a face framing shag hairstyle with a side swept fringe. Milla has an enviable oval shaped face which allows her to try different looks with ease. Her naturally wavy hair has been blow dried into place here, with subtle curl at the ends for a soft finish. Milla has a high forehead so she needs to be careful of wearing too much height at the top of her head or exposing too much forehead. Here she wisely chooses layered bangs that not only highlight her green eyes but also camouflages her high forehead. The finished look is sleek and polished with a bit of a Seventies feel.

Milla has a fair complexion and bright green eyes. She is wearing her hair in a dark brown shade with auburn undertones. The subtle highlights enhance her dark locks and also provides a slight contrast of color. Overall this hair color compliments Milla and adds a glow to her skin tone.

Milica Bogdanovna "Milla" Jovovich is an American actress, model, musician, and fashion designer. She has appeared in numerous science fiction and action films, leading the music channel VH1 to deem her the "reigning queen of kick-butt" in 2006.

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This medium length mane is pulled back and dressed up into this formal upstyle which is great to turn heads at any special occasion. This look is easy to achieve with the right tools and products and best suited to compliment a long face.

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Milla's short locks are styled into waves through the back and sides for the 84th Annual Academy Awards. This gorgeous hairdo is easy to re-create with the right tools and products and is great to complement a long face. Product is needed for hold and shine.

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Try an ultra-modern retro wave inspired by Milla Jovovich. Her model looks help her pull off any style with ease (remember the neon orange dreadlocks in The Fifth Element?) but Milla Jovovich's latest hairstyle and hair color couldn't suit her better. While some celebs take the vintage look and go overboard with it, Milla adds just enough waves to look retro while the color and cut remain ultra-modern.

Her base brunette color is highlighted with a warm golden brown shade that adds dimension and hair shine. Her hair is cut into a classic bob hairstyle with added layering around the face and ends to give it a sleek silhouette.

To get this wavy retro style reminiscent of the Roaring Twenties, Milla has used medium-sized hair rollers on the ends to curl the hair under, while the side has been set with a finger wave and then brushed out. Finger waves can be tricky to do and take a lot of practice, so this is not a look to try out as you are rushing out the door!

It is however, a great look to copy when you have a formal or special event like a wedding - especially if you are wearing a vintage-inspired gown or jewelry. Mimic Milla's makeup and stick to jewel tone eye shadow and lips for a truly decadent look.

This classic hairstyle is blow-waved into this fabulous style to frame the sides of the face for a formal and fancy look and feel. This look will be great for any special occasion and is easy to re-create with the right tools and products.

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The curls in this magnificent hairdo can be easily re-created with small or medium hot rollers for maximum curl and bounce to from this classic look best suited for those with long face shapes. This formal 'do is perfect for any special occasion and will need hairspray for hold and shine.

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This elegant style is dressed in waves through the mid-lengths to ends and worn over to one side to form this brilliant shape which will turn heads at any occasion. This is easy to achieve with hot-rollers and will hold well with hairspray or lacqer.

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This copper man is dressed to impress. The layers cut around the sides and back enhance the waves added to the mid-lengths to ends which makes it easy to pin back to create this fabulous shape. This is great for any special occasion.

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Milla looks sexy at the "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" Musical Stage Presentation. Short shaped layers have been cut throughout this look. Soft side swept bangs have been added to enhance the facial features. This style is easy to maintain with regular trims.