You may also love the fact that your hair takes little time to style. What you may not love is that only very few hairstyles are made for naturally poker-straight hair. It fact, it can seem like sometimes your only option is to have plain, boring, one length hair as well-blended layers can be hard to achieve in your hair type. But fear not, we've pulled together some style inspiration for you. Check out these celebs with their super-straight hair styled to perfection:

Kaley Cuoco hairstyles

Kaley Cuoco makes the most of her straight hair with a simple centre hair part and long layers. The jagged-cut ends and soft layering around the face makes her straight hair look chic and full of body.

Hannah Simone hairstyles

Hannah Simone works her poker straight hair into a long blunt style with a matching fringe. This is a fantastic cut for women with very straight hair and an oval, heart, diamond or oblong face shape.

Kate Flannery hairstyles

Kate Flannery shows us how to flaunt straight hair in a simple bob style. This cut works well with any face shape except oblong and square.

Which super-straight look is right for you?