From being too overzealous with the hair gel, to failing to take your hair type or face shape into account, there are lots of choices you can make that will ruin your hairstyle. Learn how to avoid them by taking note of these bad hairstyle choices.

Applying Too Much Hair Product

Patricia Heaton hairstylesThe quickest way to turn a great look into a terrible one is by overloading your hair with too much product. Too much hair product will weigh down your locks, make your hair strands look oily, dull your hair color and cause your style to become clumpy and messy. Stick to first adding the smallest amount of product possible, and then only add a little more if needed.

Limp Locks

Gillian Jacobs hairstylesLimp locks can ruin any hairstyle, so if you know you're prone to them, make sure you invest in some volume injecting products. Shampoos and styling products that aren't oily or heavy and will add volume into your lackluster locks will help, as will a hairstyle that had plenty of volume in it.

Wearing the Wrong Hair Part

Ashley Madekwe hairstylesA hair part that isn't flattering for you won't do your hairstyle or your face shape any favors. It might seem simple, but ensuring you incorporate the right part into your hairstyle will make a world of difference. If you have a long face or wide forehead, opt for a flattering side hair part. If you have a smaller face, then a centre hair part that opens up your face is the right option for you.

Wearing a Hairdo That Ages You

Katherine Heigl hairstylesIf you find yourself looking twenty years older than you should after styling your hair, it's time to find a better look. The key to a hairstyle that won't age you is choosing options that work with your hair type and face shape. That way, any hairdo you style will automatically flatter you and won't add any unnecessary mileage to your age or look.