Even day-to-day hairstyling can benefit from knowing which products are going to help you achieve your look, and how to use them properly. But with the huge array of hair styling products available on salon and supermarket shelves, the decision of what to use and how to use it can be overwhelming.

So to help you out, we've put together some hair styling product tips and trick that are sure to come in very handy!

Hair Styling Product Tips

Styling product tips

Spray wax or hair gel is great for adding texture to your hair, especially layered hair. It styles like a paste, but has a lighter finish.

If beach inspired hair waves are your thing then salt spray is the product you’ll need. It adds definition, texture, and movement. Just remember to only use a small amount to avoid getting a crunchy finish.

For flexible styles, stick to serums and creams.

If you want a more rigid shape then try styling products that contain alcohol.

If a new hair product makes hair limp and lanky then make sure it's the right type for your hair and keep it away from your roots, only adding it to your mid-lengths and ends to avoid an oily hair look.

To add extra definition and texture to curly hair types, use volumizing mousses.

Curly hair can also benefit from a spritz of gel spray, which will set and define your curls.

Use a lightweight gel in short hair so your strands don't get too clogged up with products.

Texturizing spray is a great product to use to perk up lifeless layers when you're in a rush. Just spritz into your hair, scrunch and go.

When selecting mousse always choose based on your hair type. For example, lightweight mousse for fine hair, stronger mousse for thick hair. When styling, equally distribute the mousse among your hair strands for best results, remembering not to go overboard with it.

Hair Styling Product Tricks

Styling product tricks

Straightening balm should always be applied to damp hair as it is too heavy for dry hair.

Add serum to damp coarse hair for an extra moisture boost before adding other styling products and blow-drying.

If you don’t have the time to put in a hair treatment then use an overnight treatment instead! That way your hair can be taken care of while you get some sleep.

To avoid that crunchy feeling when using hair mousse, apply the mousse to wet hair rather than dry hair.

When using curl enhancing sprays mist some product over wet hair and then add another round of spray once your hair is almost dry to boost your hair volume.

If your hair has been freshly washed and is too slippery to hold onto hair accessories or to be styled into place, pump some dry shampoo into your locks to create texture and grip.

So there you have it! Some tips that will let you know which hair products are best for your hair type and the look you want, and some handy tricks for when you're using them!

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