Here's a hairstyle worth trying if you like the tousled sun-drenched beach bunny look. Maybe you spend a lot of time at the beach, or maybe you're like an English tourist and you like to look like you spend a lot of time at the beach- either way this hairstyle's perfect for you.

Kate Hudson hairstyles

Kate Hudson's a big ambassador of tousled sun-drenched beach bunny look. And she proves it's not a look for bimbos either (despite its name). It's a look with a casual “I just woke up” feel to it, but it still looks healthy and shiny. Beware though: the volume at the sides means it's not the best choice of hairstyle for round face shapes as it would make these faces seem even wider.

Styling is pretty straightforward, making this hairstyle a great idea for low-maintenance types. Spray some wave enhancing spray all over the hair and, in small sections at the top of the head and sides, twist and wind around a curling iron for a few seconds. If you're in a bit of a rush you can skip the curling iron stage and twist sections with your fingers and allow your hair to dry naturally instead.