As fans of curly hairstyles know, when done right, they look great, but when done wrong, they tend to either fall flat, frizz up or look totally wrong for you. And when you couple that frustration with the styling time that goes into creating a curly hairstyle, it’s easy to see why getting out the blow-dryer and creating a straight look is often the easier option.

Here at, we love our curly hairstyles though, and think that everyone should be able to master at least one great curly look, so we’re put together two rules guaranteed to give you your best curls ever.

Choose the Right Curl for You

Model with blonde curlsThe only way to really get a curly hairstyle that is guaranteed to look great is if you choose the right curl for you. And the best way to do that of course is to match your hairstyle to your face shape.

For long faces, such as oblong face shapes and diamond face shapes, try curls that are big and give width to the face.

For a heart face shape, form your curls around the wider parts of your face (for example, the top of your head) to balance your shorter shape.

A square face shape will get a boost from loose curls without a lot of body.

If your shape is an oval face shape then any type of curl you like should look good. We love boho waves for a soft and feminine hairstyle finish.

For a round face shape, loose curls that don’t have any body will give you some much needed added length.

Of course if your hair is naturally curly then nature has done all the hard work for you and all you need to do is embrace your natural curls and make the most of them!

Choose the Right Hair Shaping Tools and Hair Styling Products

Model with brunette hair and curlsChoosing the right tools to achieve your curls is just as important as picking the right curly look, so get familiar with these tips and experiment with as many heated styling tools as you can to find the one that works best with your hair and gives you the right result.

Hot hair rollers will provide a great old Hollywood retro style curl, as well as big volume waves. A little tip to remember if you’re using hot rollers is to leave a little wiggle room when winding the rollers in. If your hair is wound too tight then the strands could snap and break, leading to hair loss and hair damage.

Hair straighteners aren’t just for salon straight locks; they can also be used to create curls and are especially good for achieving ribbon curls. Getting the hang of using your hair straightener as a curler can be quite tricky though, so seek the advice of a professional and make sure you’ve got the technique down pat before attempting the curls for any big event.

A curling wand will create corkscrew curls and is really handy for getting curl right into your roots or ends thanks to the conical shape.

For classic curls you can’t go past a curling iron. It’s also great for adding definition to natural curls.

Those with a natural curl can give their locks some structure with the help of a blow-dryer with a diffuser attachment.

Creating your curls with the right tool is only half the battle. Hair styling products also play a big part in the success of your end result, and they can also help tame natural curls that don’t require any heat styling.

Model with natural curls To make the most of a natural curl with as little fuss as possible, smooth a light-hold gel through your locks. The hair gel won’t weigh your hair down, shouldn't’t take more than five minutes to smooth through, and will leave you with lightly defined curls that aren’t overdone and still have plenty of natural movement.

To create sleek curls and banish frizzy ones, apply a smoothing serum to your hair and then twist your natural curls into large ringlets and let them air dry. Once your hair is dry, the applied serum and twisting should leave you with sleek curls that are hair frizz free.

Hair mousse is very curl friendly. Add some through your mid-lengths and ends when creating big curls to help them form and keep their shape.

Hairspray is the perfect lightweight product to mist over your locks once your curls are set. Just don’t go overboard or you’ll end up with stiff, crunchy curls.

Styling products not only help to keep your curls and fight frizz, but they can also be revived the next day to keep your curly look going. If you find that your perfectly styled curls have started to lack in definition the day after being styling, don’t wash your hair and start all over again. Simply spritz some water into your locks to re-activate your styling products, give your curls a scrunch and them let them air dry.

We hope with these rules and tips in mind you’ll be able to choose, style and keep your best curls ever! Our final hair tip is to resist the urge to touch or play around with your curls too much once they've been styled. The more you leave your curls alone, the better they will look. Happy styling!

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