As much as we all love to visit the salon for a professional haircut and the kind of hair color that at home jobs just can't match, sometimes getting to the salon as often as needed can slip down the priority list.

If you can't get to the salon as regularly as the recommended 6 weeks to maintain healthy hair and your color, and you don't want to end up with tattered strands and hair color well past its glory days, then these easy hair tips will help you maintain your hair until you can make it back to the salon.

Make Your Last Salon Appointment Count

If you know ahead of time that your next salon visit will be your last for awhile, or if you have already made the decision to space out your salon visits so you'll be going less, make your last appointment count by:

  • Getting your hair cut a little shorter than usual so the new extended time between visits doesn't affect your preferred hair length too much.
  • Choosing a hair color that will blend with your roots when they start to show.
  • Using hair color techniques that place flashes of color in the underneath sections of your hair instead of near your roots to give you a long lasting hair color that won't show regrowth for quite awhile.

Use the Right Hair Products at Home

While nothing will replace the wonders that regular hair trims or salon treatments can do for the health of your hair, you can still keep your locks well maintained at home with store bought hair products and these tips!

  • Make sure your hair is nourished with a good shampoo and conditioner and use weekly hair treatments.
  • Keep an eye out for split ends that might crop up without your regular trims. Use serums to nourish your ends until your hairdresser can snip them off.
  • To keep your color for as long as possible, use color enhancing and depositing products.
  • Make use of the DIY root touch up hair kits available on the market to keep your regrowth in check.

Learn Some New Hairstyling Tricks

As your length gets longer, the shape of your style starts to change, and your hair color begins to fade, use these hairstyling tricks to ensure your look is public-worthy.

  • Cover up regrowth by changing your hair part. If you've got a middle part, switch to a side part (or vice versa) or use a zigzag part.
  • If you have bangs that have become long in the absence of a regular hair cut, use hairstyling techniques such as braids to keep your bangs under control. For more styling ideas see our article, Hairstyling Solutions for Growing Out Bangs.
  • If you've been missing the fresh change a new hair color or cut brings, try experimenting with new hairstyles instead, such as curls, straight hair, ponytails or side styling.

And there you have it. Simple tips to keep in mind if you've decided to take an extended break between salon visits, or are looking to save some time and money by reducing professional haircuts and colors that should still ensure that your hair is maintained!