One style of updo that quite a few celebrities are wearing at the moment is the high updo.

Updos are typically very versatile hairdos. They work with straight, wavy and curly hairstyles in medium and long hair. You can wear them casually as a fun and cute hairstyle, or wear a more elegant updo to a wedding or formal occasion.

A high updo is just as the name suggests: an updo with some height on top— usually it's the top section teased up high or just the bangs. This kind of height on top is flattering for round and square face shapes as it adds some necessary length.

Check out the celebrity updos below:


Gwen Stefani's High Updo

Gwen Stefani hairstylesGwen's gone for something a little bit more alternative with her high swirling updo. Her sides have been slicked back and the top swirled into a thick roll.


Paris Hilton's High Updo

Paris Hilton hairstylesThere's a great contrast here between the slicked back sides and teased-up high top sections of Paris' updo. Try one if your hair's fine to medium.


Jennifer Lopez's High Updo

Jennifer Lopez hairstylesWith this updo Jennifer's achieved awesome height on top by sweeping her hair up high into a soft bun. Try this style if you're looking for strong hold in all weather conditions.


Amy Winehouse's High Updo

Amy Winehouse hairstylesSome like Amy's retro hairstyle, her beehive, and some can't stand it (it was voted worst hair 2008). Either way this extra high updo has been very influential in the past couple of years.


If you're looking for a bit of a change from your regular updo, try a high one instead. Speak to your hairstylist thought because some (like Gwen Stefani's) can be quite complicated to create.