To keep yourself prepared, here’s some product suggestions that you should always keep in your handbag.

Hair brush

Dry Shampoo

Get a travel sized version and use it for hair grease emergencies.

Compact Mirror

To check your makeup, hair and teeth.

Lip Gloss

To hydrate your lips and refresh lipstick. Get one with sunscreen for added protection.


To add a splash of color to your luscious lips.

Mini Nail File and Clippers

To handle any nail emergencies or so that you can keep your nails groomed and boredom at bay if you find yourself stuck somewhere with nothing better to do.


Travel Size Moisturizer

For dry skin emergencies and to rehydrate your hands after washing.


If your bag is big enough, or your water bottle tiny enough, have some on hand to keep thirst at bay and your skin and hair hydrated.

Small Brush

To tame your hair.

Hair Elastic

For when you want to keep your hair out of your way or for a quick style change.

By keeping all or as many of these beauty and hair products in your handbag you should be able to handle anything!

If you have any suggestions for other product essentials then be sure to let us know by adding a comment below.