When you're looking for a nice way to tie your hair back, a new look for the workplace or a flattering wedding hairstyle for your big day, an updo is an obvious choice and can be adapted for any occasion, as these ideas show...


Tina Fey - The Professional Updo

Tina Fey hairstylesThe professional updo is perfect for the office, any occasion when you want to make a good impression or even a hairstyle for a first date. With its smooth top section and neatly formed side bun, this type of updo gives off a professional vibe without being too stiff or boring looking. Take a styling tip from Tina Fey and dress up your 'do with eye catching earrings or try some subtle hair accessories for a little something extra.


Arielle Kebbel - The Funky Updo

Arielle Kebbel hairstylesIf you need a fun hairstyle that you can wear to parties, family gatherings or low-key events then this funky updo is just what you need. Show off your soft curly hair texture, à la Arielle Kebbel, by gently pulling your locks back and securing them in a low, loose upstyle at the back of your head. Loose strands around your face are ideal for adding softness to your face shape and will really cap your look off with a pretty finish.


Anna Paquin - The Casual Updo

Anna Paquin hairstylesJust because all you want to do is tie your hair back and leave it on the weekend or those days when you're running too late to do anything fancier does not mean that you can't still have a casual hairstyle with a little finesse. Taking a few extra minutes to slightly backcomb your hair before pulling it back and then using hair pins to create a messy-yet-cool looking bun is all you need to pull off a casual look with a bit of edge. Just ask Anna Paquin.


Bridget Marquardt - The Formal Updo

Bridget Marquardt hairstylesIf you're going to be the centre of attention then your updo should be too! Ideal for weddings, a formal or prom or an elegant night out, the formal updo, which combines a beehive shape with soft strands and plenty of height, is a timeless look that never goes out of fashion. Bridget Marquardt brings the look to life with her bombshell blonde hair color, but this upstyle would look equally as stunning in any hair color or with any hair texture.

We hope these updos have helped you decide on the right look for any occasion. Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.