If you're after a short, sophisticated and feminine look that takes under 10 minutes to style, then a long pixie hairstyle may be just right for you. This hairstyle can go from day to night, formal to casual, all with minimal effort on your part! But first, what is a long pixie cut, and who does it suit?

A long pixie cut is a short, layered hairstyle that has a tapered back and sides with longer layers on top. The bangs are often longer and swept to the side for a super soft and elegant finish. There are variations, however, that have shorter bangs and  versions with grown out bangs that sit tucked behind the ear--the choice is up to you.

Long pixie cuts suit ladies with:

  • any face shape (modifications are needed to compliment each face shape - see more below)
  • wavy or straight hair textures
  • fine to thick hair

How to Modify a Longer Pixie Cut for your Face Shape

Go for longer layers in the front or an asymmetrical cut to add lines and angles to your round face shape.

Square and Heart:
Choose a deep side part and cut with longer layers in the front. More texturing and volume is needed at the crown to make your face shape appear more oval.

Longer layers on the sides and top give oblong face shapes more balance and softness. Go for less tapering on the sides and back for a softer, deconstructed shape.

Triangular and Diamond:
You can pull off a shorter, jagged cut fringe here and also ones that are full on forward (not side-swept). You'd also benefit from less tapering on the sides and back to balance out your features.

No modifications are needed, oval face shapes can pull off any hairstyle well thanks to the balanced face shape.


Styling is simple and quick. Apply some mousse to damp hair and create a side part. Blow-dry the hair forwards and use your fingers to separate the hair and allow it to dry at the roots. With a bristle hairbrush bring the crown and front forwards and create a side-swept fringe. Next, wax the hair down at the back and sides and use a little smoothing shine on your fingers to control fly-aways. For some extra edge you can finish off by teasing out the ends at the sides.

Long pixie haircuts are definitely sexy and feminine and as you can see from these styling tips they're fairly low maintenance too.

And now, on to the styles!

Elisha Cuthbert Straight Pixie Hair Cut

Elisha Cuthbert knows that short hair can be sexy, sleek and feminine. Her soft jagged cut bangs add a girlie touch which is perfect for women with a diamond, heart or oval face shape with petite features. This long pixie cut is ideal for fine to medium hair.

Viola Davis Straight Pixie Hair Cut with Side Swept Bangs

For ladies with thick or coarse hair, Viola Davis' long pixie is an ideal hairstyle option. The back is tapered close to the neck with lots of volume at the crown, while the top has been swept forward to frame the eyes. Thick bangs and ear-length layers around the front complete this look and add a sweet Sixties-inspired feel.

Pamela Horton Elegant Black Pixie Hair Cut with Side Swept Bangs

Pamela Horton shows off this long pixie cut that features lots of layering and a side-swept fringe. Longer layers throughout the top and sides sculpt this hairdo into a round shape which is perfect for angular, square and oblong face shapes. Her fringe sits at eyebrow length but she could also grow them out longer to cheekbone length for a super sexy look.

Mary Elizabeth Ellis Shag Pixie Hair Cut with Side Swept Bangs

Wavy hair is not a problem if you want to flaunt a long pixie cut. Mary Elizabeth Ellis' blonde waves create oodles of texture throughout and add volume to her fine locks. The thin, side-swept fringe gives her forehead coverage but keeps her waves under control while the deep side part gives her hair a nice lift at the crown. An excellent wash and go option for ladies with wavy locks.

Straight Dark Red Pixie Hair Cut with Side Swept Bangs

Our model shows us how to style thick, straight hair into a longer pixie cut with fabulous results. She has an oblong, narrow face shape which is nicely balanced by the longer layers at the nape and around the ears. Her bangs are cut to sit to the side, while layering throughout the crown takes out the bulk of her thick hair while adding shape. Ladies with narrow face shapes  and thick hair should incorporate these features into their long pixie cuts for best results.

Miley Cyrus Straight Pixie Hair Cut

For an edgier look, check out Miley Cyrus' long pixie cut. The sides and back are cropped close to her head while the top panel has been left longer and styled forward with a hint of a side-swept fringe in the front. Miley has lots of texturing throughout the top which is ideal for her heart-shaped face.

Annie Potts Straight Pixie Hair Cut with Side Swept Bangs

Annie Potts works with her oblong face shape and goes for less tapering and layering in her long pixie cut, creating a cute shape that brings all of the attention to her eyes. Her wispy long fringe is ideal for hiding her high forehead while the softer layers all over add a nice finish to her 'do.

Terri Polo Pixie Hair Cut with Side Swept Bangs

Terri Polo shows us how to flaunt a long pixie cut on a square face shape. Her eye-skimming fringe has been jagged cut for an ultra soft finish, which softens up her angular jaw line. The rest of the hair has been razor layered for a chic finish. This hairstyle is ideal for poker straight hair.

Michelle Williams Sleek Pixie Hair Cut with Side Swept Bangs

Michelle Williams' signature hairstyle is a pixie cut and she often flaunts longer versions like this one. Michelle has an oval face shape and fine hair, so the longer length with soft layering throughout gives her volume at the crown and a gorgeous lift at the crown. Michelle wears her bangs to the side which is ideal for her low forehead, as it opens up her face nicely.

Lysette Anthony Pixie Hair Cut with Layered Bangs

Lysette Anthony has a triangular face shape which she compliments with a long fringe in the front to cover her high forehead, and show off her cheekbones. She has kept her hair a uniform length with subtle layering throughout for a soft, deconstructed shape. This is a good option for women with a similar face shape who prefer low-fuss, sleek hairstyles. For another variation, this hairdo can be worn parted on the side and combed over.

After seeing these gorgeous hairstyles, you're probably sold on getting a long pixie cut. But before you take the next step you may want to get some ideas on how to style your soon-to-be new 'do. Check out these tutorials for more tips, tricks and ideas on how to style a long pixie cut: