Although it's inevitable that you may one day look back on your wedding photos and cringe at the fashion, the theme (a Hawaiian luau seemed like a great idea at the time) and even the hairstyle you spent months painstakingly deciding on, having shiny, healthy hair will always look great.

The easiest and quickest way to get hair that radiates health is by adding color. A permanent or a semi-permanent color will coat your hair and make it appear thicker and shinier and can be brightened with color-enhancing shampoos and conditioners. Of course if you don't want to color your hair, you don't have to, but at least consider a subtle tint which will add shine.

Nothing looks after hair better than regular washing, but in the lead up to your big day it's important not to over wash your hair or else it will end up too soft and may become difficult to style. If you have to wash your hair everyday, skip the conditioner and only use it every other day.

Beautiful Wedding Hair Timeline

12 Weeks Before the Wedding

Now is the time to start eating right and to increase your exercise. No one is expecting you to train like you're running a marathon, but just a 20 minute walk is enough to get the blood pumping and oxygen flowing to the right places.

Improving your health by eating right and exercising will not only do wonders for your body and your hair, it will also help to relieve any wedding stress.

8 Weeks Before the Wedding

Start seeing a professional: Visiting a professional hairdresser will keep your hair in top shape and give it the best chance of looking healthy and neat on your wedding day. Now is the time to start having regular deep conditioning salon treatments.

3 Weeks Before the Wedding

Have you last haircut 3 weeks before the big day so that your hair will settle.

2 Weeks Before the Wedding

Color your hair at least two weeks before the event so that it will look fresh, but not freshly done.

4 Days Before the Wedding

Have your last deep conditioning treatment.

1 Day Before the Wedding

Wash your hair with a mild and cleansing shampoo.

The Day of the Wedding

Relax! All of your hard work and beauty treatments should have left you with fabulous hair which will now be teased, curled, pinned and sprayed until it doesn't even resemble hair- but it'll all be worth it!

Wedding Hair Tips

  • If you're thinking of a big color change, don't go for anything permanent. Experiment with semi-permanents until you find the exact shade that you want.
  • Occasionally rinse your hair with a small amount of vinegar and water after you condition to boost shine.
  • Try a protein powder drink with breakfast to help with straggly strands.
  • Add a teaspoon of cold-pressed vegetable oil to salads to boost lifeless hair and dry skin.